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    Finding similar value from one list in another list

    On Sheet 1 I have a list of employee names (John, Bob, Ross etc...)in column A and in column B I have a list of employee bonus points (1, 5, 3 etc...). On Sheet 2 I have the same setup but the list of employees on sheet 2 is a lot longer than the ones on sheet 1, all employee names are on sheet...
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    Finding a word in a sentence

    Hii friends, Good Afternoon... I have some set of words in excel which i need to search in a sentence. If i find any words of the set in the sentence, then it should be returned. Eg: Sentence: I am poor developer I am great developer you may be best developer Lookup(Set...
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    Finding any words from B1:B400 within A1:5000

    Take a look at whiat I am trying to do, any input would be appreciated! (keep scrolling down, i dont know how i got all that extra space! LOL):biggrin: <TABLE border=1> <TBODY><TR> <TH>CONTRIBUTORS</TH> <TH>LAST NAMES</TH> </TR> <TR> <TD>JOHN PAUL GLADSTONE</TD>...

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