first blank cell

  1. G

    Return First and Last Value in a Subtotal Grouping

    Team, first time user here, I've spent days looking for a solution to this, but I think I'm close but I'm simply running out of time to turn this project in. I am looking for a VBA code that will allow me to auto-populate the first value on the first empty cell of column A & the last value on...
  2. M

    VBA - copy and paste onto the next empty cell

    Hi All. I was wondering how to paste some selected data that I copied from Sheet1 onto Sheet2 in the same workbook on the next cell that is blank. So far, I have the following codes: Sub Step4() Sheets("Sheet1").Select Range("B1:L34").Select Selection.Copy...
  3. W

    copy data into first available blank cell in column

    I wonder if anyone can help out with this one. I have a ws that has a list of people with their availability through the month, the first part of the code builds an array of people with their corresponding status, available or not the second part cycles through the names and if they are...
  4. R

    Copy value of cell in sheet(1) IF next cell in Sheet(2)is not blank. Paste data into next blank cell of Sheet(2) Col F

    Hi all, I tried to summarize it with the title. I have two sheets I'm working with that i'll use index references for. I want to paste the value in cell "E1" from Sheet(1) to every cell in Col F of Sheet(2) if the adjacent cell in Sheet(2) Col A has a value. In other words: I have a name...
  5. girapas

    Hide rows next to first blank cell in a specific column

    In the sheet1 all the cells of columns C to H are populated with data by a formula that get data from another sheet. The cell of the column G that corresponds to the current month is always blank. Which is the code to hide all the rows next to the row of that blank cell (e.g. rows 12 to 25 in...
  6. S

    Copy and Insert Rows - Use Dynamic Range and Paste to First Blank

    Hello, Am currently an intern and a VBA newbie. Looking to write a code that inserts rows from one master template sheet and enters them into another interview sheet. The template may change and this process needs to be repeated a certain number of times. (this number is set of certain cells...
  7. B

    Find first blank cell that LOOKS empty in a column

    I am trying to find the first blank cell in column A, I have used the code Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select The problem thatg is occuring is thatg it is finding cell A501 every time, this is becuase I used to have formula all the way down to cell A500 before copying the column...
  8. C

    Userform - find first blank cell and required field

    I have a worksheet that users enter money transactions (deposits/payments) and then it keeps a running balance. It has 6 columns (A=Date, B=Activity (deposit/payment), C=Deposit, D=Payment, E=Balance (formula) and F=Name (on person making deposit/payment). I've create a user form to post...

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