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    VBProper for first word in a string

    Private Sub Description_Change() Description.Value = StrConv(Description.Value, vbProperCase) End Sub I have this code working fine of previouse post but i want now to do it for the first word in the box on the user form. "This Is How It Currently Changes It" "This is how i want...
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    VBA Validating a Postcode in userform

    I have created a userform and I would like the first character of my textbox to be a letter. The textbox is to be used for the postcode. I have some code that will only allow letters, numbers and spaces to be entered into this box, but I don't know how to insist that the first entry is a...
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    Capitalize only the first letter in text string

    In Excel 2003, I am referencing a text string and would like to return the text string with only the first letter capitalized. The PROPER function does not do this, as it capitalizes the first letter of every word. The formula below does however perform this, but I would like to write it as a...

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