1. R

    Help with Compile Error

    I am getting a compile error: Syntax error on this line, but can't figure out what the problem is. I am obviously new to this. Mess = Replace(Replace(Mess, "#FirstName#", FirstName), "#team#", Team), "#gamedate#", gameDate), "#location#",Location), "#gametime#",Time"), "#field#",Field))...
  2. J

    VBA script not writing to field as expected

    I am using the VBA below to try to update the FirstName, LastName and MiddleName to a table. Everything seems to be working except when I try to write the string values to the record set. Any ideas why this is not working? Option Compare Database Private Sub parseNames() Dim dbs Dim qdf...
  3. N

    sorting to other worksheets

    Hi all Every week i get a new report with over 600 employees. Each of them are asigned to a coach. (Column I) I have to select them and make a new worksheet per coach. So that every coach has a clear list. How can i automate this so that i can put the report on sheet 1 and that it...
  4. G

    Excel split cells with full name into 2 columns.

    Hi All Need help her to find some formulas til split up a cell and into 2 cells. Got thousands of row to edit. Data i got in column A is set up randomly, Lastname, Firstname Lastname, Firstname Middelname Lastname, Firstname Middelname Middelname Firstname Lastname Firstname Middelname...
  5. M

    outlook vba help

    Not sure if this is the place but I see a lot of google searches with replies with help for outlook vba coding, with some answers that are not, I think, relevant to my needs, I have 0% to 0% of vba coding So here goes I have a set emails sent in the same format from my website, all have the...
  6. S

    Extracting a middle word in cell without space separation

    Hello everyone, I need to extract the FirstName from cells in a particular format LastName,FirstName MiddleName1 MiddleName2 Note that LastName,FirstName has no space in between, only the comma so I adapted a formula I found on google to: =MID(A10,SEARCH(",",A10,1)+1,SEARCH(" ",A10,SEARCH("...
  7. Z

    Transpose data in cell

    I have a list of names in column "N" that look like "LastName, FirstName". How to I switch the data in the cell so it looks like "FitstName LastName"?
  8. S

    Cycle and paste between workbooks with VBA

    So What I need to do is copy and paste the values from the green columns in workbook 1 into workbook 2 if its says "yes" in the last column. I then need to cycle to the next row in workbook 1 and paste the values into a NEW worksheet in workbook 2 and do the same until it no longer says yes in...
  9. J

    Rearrange names with VBA Macro

    Good Afternoon, I have a spreadsheet with names in column b (Lastname, Firstname or Lastname, Firstname Middlename or Lastname, generational suffix Firstname or Lastname, Firstname MiddleInitial ) I am needing to create a VBA code to rearrange the names and remove everything except for...
  10. R

    Search multiple input from one workbook and replace value in another workbook

    Below is the data in my two different sheets: Workbook1 <tbody> LastName FirstName NewPermission <tbody> Aadhi </tbody> <tbody> Vetrivel </tbody> <tbody> Risk Quality Reviewer II </tbody> <tbody> Abudhahir </tbody> <tbody> Imrana Parveen </tbody> <tbody> Risk...
  11. S

    Help with textfunction

    HI guys, I am struggling to get the function to work to find me the position of the 4th last space within a string from the right. String is like.. "Firstname Secondname Surname Myhome 23 8545 Westfield" but it also could be like "Firstname Surname Myhome 5 4524 Testinghof" Now I like to get...
  12. T

    Normalizing Email Addresses/Email Headers

    I have a sheet that contains Email metadata. The data looks like this: The end goal is to take an email header that looks like: LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME[] And convert it to only: LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME. Problem is that there are many different...
  13. D

    Match & Index with specific criteria

    I'll simplify the problem I'm having with an example. I have 2 sheets the first (called CLIENTS) has FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, COMPANY, TYPE, STATUS The second (called JOBS) has FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, COMPANY, TYPE, SITE, POSTCODE The idea is that the first sheet is filled in with clients and in the...
  14. S

    Alternate need for vlookup

    The old Roster file had Column "B" = Lastname Column "C" = firstname. <tbody> GHIN # Last Name First Name 1910534 Smith Bob </tbody> The new file has Column "B" = lastname, firstname. <tbody> GHIN # Name 1910534 Smith, Robert </tbody> We want to use the new format so we don't have to...
  15. L

    changing the order of a text in a column - lastname, first name

    Hello I just like to pick your brain. I have a column which has the firstname and lastname (one space between them). I want a new column which has the "lastname, firstname". One way I am thinking of is to use Text-to-Columns to separate the firstname from the lastname, then I will use...
  16. P

    Create to columns from a name

    HI I am importing data where the name is one column and in this format: Lastname,Firstname I would like to have one column for First name and one for last name. Can I do this in a macro?
  17. S

    Validating First Name and Last Name for Leads

    Hello, I have a huge list of leads and have the names segregated as First Name and Last Name. However, in some cases, the names have been switched. For e.g.: Some of the records have correctly placed the lead name 'John Smith' as John under First Name column and Smith under Last Name column...
  18. G

    I need to change "Jane S-Doe" to "S-Doe, Jane" in the same cell. Help appreciated.

    I have a bunch of names in the following format. Each name is in it's own cell All of them have {First name> S- > Last name} Example: Jane S-Doe I would like it to be: {S- > Last name, > First name} Example: S-Doe, Jane Is there a way to do this automatically with a formula or macro?

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