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    Open 2 Matching Files in Folder & Loop

    Dear Experts, I've problems modifying below codes as they codes cannot finish to the end : 1. I've in folder many project files for current month and last month 2. Each file name has a standard format like 02015-201909-Flex*.xlsm (this month), and 02015-201908-Flex*.xlsm (last month), while *...
  2. B

    Unstack, Flatten or Compress data into a single row per employee

    I have a download from by HR system but I'm having problems getting the data into a format for the report I have to generate. I want a report that looks like the following... <tbody> Employee Name Medical Dental Vision Vision Pay Flex Emp1 MedBasicFamily DenBasicFam Vision $18.00...
  3. P

    Conditional formatting on cells that contain a line feed

    Greetings, I have a simple single worksheet that contains all text (no formulas, VBA, etc). I am trying to create a conditional format for cells that contain "Flex Wk (linefeed) 1" and am having issues. Here are the experiments I have tried. I am able to create conditional formatting for all...
  4. O

    Regarding drop down list

    Hi All, I have a drop down list having this data: Slider Turn Hand Flex None My query is If I select Either Slider/Turn/Hand/Flex than next cell should have drop down list having sub categories as follows. For Slider - D4V1, D4V2, D4V3, D4V4 For Turn - S2V1, S2V2, S2V3, S2V4 For Hand - T2V1...
  5. G

    Web based pivot tables and charts

    Effective data analysis is more important then ever before, and the trend is that everything is moving online, SaaS systems and cloud computing. What we at Flexmonster did - we created a fully functional web based flex pivot table component that can be integrated into any system for effective...

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