1. D

    Searching in Excel crashing/Flickers

    Hello, this has been an on-going issue but now it's getting out of hand. My excel crashes, I can't close it from the taskbar nor can I CTRL, ALT & DEL, so have to power down. Usually I've got 6-7 spreadsheets open working on a 3 screen setup. Since last night, I tried a few different ways...
  2. K

    Running macros in Excel 2016 - screen flickering

    I've been running the same macros for years now, and it's been working perfectly in both Excel 2007 and 2010. But now my job's updated to 2016, and when I try to run the same macro the screen is flickering. When speed isn't a issue, I prefer to have "screenupdating = true", so that I can see...
  3. W

    Application.ScreenUpdating=false not working when secondary sub is called

    Hi, I got an annoying issue with Application.ScreenUpdating. It worked fine until I added a secondary subroutine into the code. I tried to look for a solution and already attempted to fix the issue by calling the following subs at the beginning and at the end of the primary and secondary subs as...
  4. C

    VBA: Label Update = Flicker

    Hello all, I have a bit of a problem and hope you can help me. First of all, I'm not that much of an VBA expert, so please bear with me and use simple explanations. ;) I have a userform with a picture in the backround. On that picture are many labels with numbers as caption as well as spin...
  5. DaLook

    Workbook flashes

    I have an end user who s excel files constantly flash. I managed to fix some by unchecking "Show Page Breaks" but it does not work for all files. I also have tested these files on other PCs with no issues. Old file new created files all flash. Anyone have some other suggestions that I could try...
  6. ClimoC

    Query Tables and Screen Flickers

    Ahoy No, this is not about ScreenUpdating = True/False Neither is it because you've turned SU off, and then used 'Select' or 'DoEvents' etc in your code. When running an update for a QueryTable (once a second), 3 'buttons' (activeX image controls with code behind them) flicker - though I see...
  7. R

    Stopped the flicker then added a protect/unprotect to the macro and flicker started up again??

    Hi there, I have the code below that hides rows if the test cell is 0 or blank. The screen on sheet 1, which drives the results for this "Q U O T E" Sheet, was flickering badly when every drop down box or tick box was selected. I Fixed that with "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" However...
  8. VAndre

    slow refresh times in excel 2007 for workbooks with user-defined functions

    I have a couple of workbooks that use VBA functions. They have worked well in Excel2003 environments, but refresh time is very slow once I migrated to Excel2007. The speed is so slow that there is a visible series of blinks every time I refresh. It's really bad (I literally got a migraine the...
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