folder hierarchy

  1. B

    Creating Windows Folders and Subfolders VBA Code Modification Help

    I found this post from earlier this year. I used it to create a folder and subfolder structure and it appeared to work well but was only able to go one subfolder level deep. In the below data set folders from Column B and folders for Column C were all created as subfolders of Column A. I...
  2. L

    Macro to create folders in various locations based on cell values

    Hi All Real excel novice here! I need a macro to create folders based on a cell value (A4:A10), this value is the "job reference". This folder needs to be created in locations based on other values within the spreadsheet. These values are: Region (EU or Non-EU) Country (China, France...
  3. srizki

    Folder Open

    I am processing data, and save it as a new file each time in a folder called Aging 2013. The problem is that I have to open root dirctory each time for saving file and then I click many folders to get to this Aging 2013 folder. Is there a way to open this folder directly. This will save me a lot...
  4. J

    Returning Path of Files

    Hi, I have over 15,000 files on a file share. I am looking to try and extract the path for each individual one and paste it in a long list on a sheet with its associated folder. I'm having a hard time of where to start. the most difficult part is there are thousands of folders and different...
  5. S

    Copy files from one folder hierarchy to an other

    I need to copy all files from one folder hierarchy to an other. An example: My source is in 'c:\1' which has a number of subfolders, some of which have subfolders, etc. Along the lines of: c:\1 c:\1\a c:\1\b c:\1\b\1 c:\1\c c:\1\c\1 ... All files have to be copied to 'c:\2' and go to the...

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