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  1. R

    fso.GetFolder(myDir).Files.Count - 1 'Why is -1 needed sometimes, not always

    Folks: Scenario: 2 departments, 1 macro for each: Why is "-1" needed for one group of files and not the other? Because of Temporary files?: File count accurate for Department 1 reports with: fileCount = fso.GetFolder(myDir).Files.Count - 1 but for Department 2, I had to remove the -1...
  2. srizki


    It is not really an excel question, but it is relevent. I want to create some over 200 folders name "Moveable Assets" under each of existing folders. I will have to to to each folder and create one. Is there a way to create all folders at the same time? like highlight all the folders and go to...
  3. G

    Get Files Macro Need more

    Hi i've got this Marco/Function Sub get_files() Extension = "*.CSV" Folder = "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents First = True RowCount = 1 Do If First = True Then FName = Dir(Folder & "\" & Extension) First = False Else FName = Dir() End If If FName <> "" Then Range("A" & RowCount) =...

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