font size change

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    Change size when is pasting

    I'm trying to copy info from one file and paste to another file, but when it pastes, it changes the font size. I'm still learning VBA so I'm probably missing a something... ''' Sub Sites() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim InputFile As Workbook Dim OutputFile As Workbook...
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    VBA - font size for column 1 based on value in column 2

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to change font size of a cell based on the text of another cell. For example, Cell A1 can contain the text "High, Medium, or Low" and cell B1 consists of a dot symbol. I want the dot symbol in B1 to change font size depending on the value in A1. Where High = font size...
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    Font color and size change

    Hello i have a program to extract data from cell and print it to the outlook but the problem is ,in one particular cell i have changed the font color and size but its is getting printed into the outlook as it is in the cell, it just print the default font size and color ... is there any solution...
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    insert comment field - how to reset the default font, etc.

    insert comment field - how to reset the default font, etc. the 'insert comment' field defaults to a. font size = 9 b. bold how do I reset the default to something that I prefer?
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    Font size shrinks unintentionally

    I have been creating several workbooks with formulas and this is the first time I've encountered this. I have a data entry table on one sheet that collects vehicle fleet service records. On two other sheets I have a list of all of the vehicles and column headings with the type of service...
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    Menu font size

    Excel help file | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How do i increase the font size of the filter drop down menu?
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    Changing the font size of a data validation list

    Hi guys, Win 7 64bit Excel 2010 I have grapppled with with one for a while now and through direction ended up finding a nifty piece of code that overlays a combobox onto your validation list when double clicked; very useful. When I went to integrate this code into a second worksheet I found...
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    Footer Macro

    I am trying to make a footer say what is in a cell on a different page and make the font size 8. When I run my macro nothing happens and I can't figure out why... Code: Sub Font() ' ' font Macro ' ' Sheets("Market Overview").Select Dim strFtr As String strFtr =...
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    Spontaneous Cell Colour and Font Size Changes

    A colleague of mine has an Excel file where the font sizes and background cell colours of individual cells sometimes appear to have changed spontaneously when she re-opens the document. She had formatted the columns to different colours to indicate what they were being used for (various types...

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