font size

  1. D

    Font color and size change

    Hello i have a program to extract data from cell and print it to the outlook but the problem is ,in one particular cell i have changed the font color and size but its is getting printed into the outlook as it is in the cell, it just print the default font size and color ... is there any solution...
  2. B

    Userform TextBox Font size problem

    I have a Userform with numerous textboxes on it (all the same size). When I set the Font size (Calibri 9 Regular) on all of them some appear (and actually are) larger than others (wider and taller). This happens regardless of setting their fonts each individually or all as a group. The...
  3. L

    Data Validation - Using a Combo box to help with font size

    Hi, I've seen a lot threads on the internet which say use a combo box to help with font size if the text is too small in a normal data validation list. They all seem to point to the same thread on but that doesn't explain how to set up a combo box for 2010 version of excel. I...
  4. S

    Sample VBA to autofit text to a Radio Button's caption

    For Information Only I searched fruitlessly for help on working out how much text would fill a Caption on a Radio Button (or more precisely, would the intended text fit when populating the Radio Button via VBA). With the help of others Mr. Excel members, I offer the following VBA solution...
  5. 7

    Text box font size shrinks to unreadable

    OK, I'm doing something stupid. User form has several elements including three text boxes. I paste data from Internet Explorer to the three boxes (Ctrl v). At some point, despite the original font size declaration at design time and again on text box change events, one of the text boxes...
  6. H

    ActiveX text box bug: Multi-line property shrinks font when typing

    I have Office 2013, and have an Excel inspection form our technicians are going to be filling out in the field on tablets. There is a section for Notes that they can enter free text, and I've used an ActiveX text box for that purpose. But if I set the property "Multiline" to true, the font...
  7. R

    Macro to refresh pivots also resets chart data label fonts.

    Hi, I have 6 pivot charts within a document. I use a macro associated with a button to refresh the tables and therefore the data displayed on the charts. However, each time I refresh the data, the 'data label' font size also refreshes. What is particularly odd is that 5 of the charts are...
  8. H

    Menu font size

    Excel help file | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How do i increase the font size of the filter drop down menu?
  9. M

    Tiny font in XL 2010 VBA help pages

    Since upgrading to Office 2010 I've had an awful time reading the VBA help pages. At first the font was comically tiny, and the font-size adjuster button no effect. On another forum I was told to install a special CSS file, contents below: div { font-family:font-family: Arial, Helvetica...
  10. A

    Why strikethrough font in part of cell content changes font size?

    Hi, I wonder if it does only to me (using Excel 2007): I have e.g. three separate words in one Excel cell, cell being formatted to Arial size 10. I decide to strikethrough one of the three words, which is done, but at the same time the font size of striked-through word is suddenly 8.5 instead of...
  11. E

    Change font size based on the value in another cell

    Hi, So, I have a worksheet with two columns I have to work with. In the first column is a word, and in the second column is a number. I have to change the font size of the word to the number in the other column. I'm not finding anything close enough to edit to suit my needs. Any help you can...
  12. G

    Excel 2007 ActiveX CommandButton changes size and font

    I have several workbooks with ActiveX command buttons which call userforms. Recently the command buttons have started shrinking or growing with every activation. As well, the font is smashed into a small point in the middle of the button. I have changed properties, text size, font, deleted...
  13. W

    Code to change font size

    Hi All, I have some code to change the font size of a range of merged cells based on the length of text within the cells. The code works fine when the sheet is unprotected, however when I protect it the code fails with the message "Run-time error 1004 - Unable to set the Size property of the...
  14. P

    'developer reference' help window font size...

    hi all... I have excel 2007 and changed my screen resolution to (bigger) to view the help files. unfortunately with the ‘search scope’ set to ‘developer reference’ the font is tiny but with the other ‘search scopes’ the font size is bigger than before. I have changed the ‘font size’ button...
  15. R

    While debugging it works, but while running it doesn't (Font.Size)

    I need to format the font of the title of the axis on a chart. I'm using the following code: with ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory).AxisTitle .AutoScaleFont = True .Font.Name = "Verdana" .Font.FontStyle = "Negrito" .Font.Size = 7 end with When I'm debugging the program, everything...
  16. J

    How in VBA set Font Size for a checkbox?

    I have some code that creates two groups of checkboxes on a radar chart (we call them "for tests" and "for series"). Can not figure out how to setup font.size for it. Tried to stick it in few spots - no luck. Attached is a sample couple of checkboxes created by this code (for tests) Any...
  17. R

    Conditional Formatting by character count

    If this topic is covered by a previous thread ... please forgive and link me to the thread. I've been searching for code that can do the following ... After cell update If character count is 5 or less set font size equal to 12 If character count greater than 5 set font size equal to 10 I'm...

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