for a specific value

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    Issue With an Important Formula

    HI guys, I have an issue with a very importat formula inside my file that is not working. The issue is this: I have this data in one sheet: London (Center) Sub 98 - 287 € 176.700 London (Center) Sub 59 - 204 - 266 € 240.000 London (Center) Sub 127 - 258 € 178.900 London (Center) Sub...
  2. T

    solver showing error

    I have 200 columns and it's total in last column. I want to change my total so it will automatically changes the value with its ratio. Example Columns Value A 10 B 20 C 3 D 0 E 50 F 28 G 27 H 38 I 90 J 107 Total 373 I want change the total to 400 how to do...
  3. S

    Count the duplicate values in excel, but only the duplicates and the amount of duplicates values

    Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get some values in some documents I have What I need to do is, get the amount of duplicate values that are in a column, for example In this table I need to do this calculation All the repeated values in the Column "L" are basically a single Item, but...
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    Pull data based on another column

    Hello everyone I need little help for solving a small problem. below worksheet is out of our Bill of Material formula, if we want to produce a Product '55500' we will need input 500,510,520,530,7600. 7600 is our WIP which also has input 10,20,30,40. i need a formula in next column which add...
  5. A

    Can "filter by selected cell's value," be called by a formula?

    hello to you all - This (may) be an easy question, but I seem not to be able to find the answer, so all help/pointers will be much appreciated, thanks! Question: Is it possible to cal via a formula the hand-executed right-click: "filter by selected cell's value"? I have one tab with a bunch...
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    If then Formula

    I am having an issue with an IF/Then formula in Excel. If cell B has a value greater than 30 then I want the data from cell I2 to be placed in cell A. For example, when 2300487724 is imputed into B2 I want 01/09/2017 to appear in A2.
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    Find the first date after, a specified date

    Hi, this is teh first time I am posting on this site. I have been here before have has found help in figuring out complex calculations. So I am here again, this time as a member, requesting help to figure out a formula that has me baffled. I have a whole spreadsheet full of data like that given...

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