for each array

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    Help adding loop

    hello all! i am learning to code, and have 7 books but still have such a hard time understanding loops. i'm desperate for help. My boss wants me to loop through a years worth of files and pull data. I tried for days, and am just not retaining the rules behind the action. I hope someone will just...
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    Read row one by one

    hello everyone i have created a vba code to send email via outlook now i have to do one thing it is to read the first row and next and next , for example in A2 ,A3....... so on there are list of email recipient to be added to the field (TO of Outlook) and B2,B3... C1,C2.... so on there are text...
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    Object required error in for each command

    Hello, I am getting the "object required" error when I try to perform a for each command. Basically, I want, for each string text in a defined array, create a new spreadsheet. However, I got stuck at the for each command. Any help would be appreciated. The code is as follows: Dim rng As Range...
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    I am learning VBA for excel. I have need to add hyperlinks to a series of some 4000 cells.Each is based on a identical cell pattern in sequential worksheets. So far I have tried the following: Range("B2").Select ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, address:=""...
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    Loop through sheets problem

    I am trying to loop through all the sheets in my workbook and rearrange some data. So far I have been unsucessful for some reason. I think I have the loop and everything set up correctly, but the macro gets hung up on one sheet and executes the code over and over again on the same sheet without...
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    For Each Loop in an Array of Sheets

    Hi I have written a bunch of code with the intention of throwing it into a For Each loop to apply the code to several different worksheets. The problem I have is that I can't remember how to do it! I have: Dim Work_Sheet As Worksheet For Each Work_Sheet In Sheets(Array("Sheet1", "Sheet2"...

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