for looping

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    Read row one by one

    hello everyone i have created a vba code to send email via outlook now i have to do one thing it is to read the first row and next and next , for example in A2 ,A3....... so on there are list of email recipient to be added to the field (TO of Outlook) and B2,B3... C1,C2.... so on there are text...
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    Help with incrementing a filename/text by 1

    I am attempting to open about 650 excel files in a folder and I want to use a for loop to do it. I have tried just throwing a for loop at the begging of my code that increments to 650 and the rest of my workbook manipulation after that. However whenever I go to open a workbook with the...
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    NumberFormat Across Multiple Worksheets

    I'm using Excel 2003 and have copied values from Sheet1 to Sheet2, Sheet3... Sheet(n). If a value is a date on I need to keep the date format on all sheets. (MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS) If the values is 0,1 or 2 I need to keep the values as is. If it's any other number I need it to be NumberFormat =...

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