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    Character error when using MSXML2

    I'm having a problem downloading data when the website uses foreign or special characters. In this case "Rübæus" Here is my code: Dim xmlhttp As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP50 Dim text1 As String xmlhttp.Open "GET", "", False xmlhttp.send text1 =...
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    Foreign characters in a puzzle macro

    I've got a puzzle program which displays foreign characters fine in the input text box but all accented characters are being output into the created puzzle grid instead of being included in the clues section of puzzle. This problem only occurs with accented characters like those in Spanish or...
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    Setting up VB to work with foreign languages

    When I have a cell with a foreign language string (let's say Chinese) and I want to add it into a VB variable for some reason I get question marks instead of Chinese charters in that variable (although the characters are presented as they should in the XL sheet). Can anyone tell me what I need...

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