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    Using ArrayFormula with Spreadsheet Attached to Google Form Does Not Always Yield Correct Result

    I have a spreadsheet that needs to do X, Y, or Z (which are all various sums of columns of numbers) depending upon two variables: If A=5 and B<>0, then do X. If A=6 and B=0, then do Y. Else, do Z. I have a formula that works correctly without using ArrayFormula: =int(if(and(E2="5 courses each...
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    IF Statement

    Hi all, I have the following table with data and it references against a "lookup" table (column K:L). Somehow I need to combine a IF formula to do all the of the below, have tried doing it with "OR & AND", but just don't seem to be getting it correct. Pending on the combination of Country in...
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    Foreign currency conversion using VBA

    I do a daily process that requires me to take foreign currency values and convert them into US dollars (USD). For example A1 has the amount of .38 and B1 would have CAD (Canadian Dollar). I then would go to the website for the conversion rate, search for CAD converted into USD. Take that...
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    Reading foreign text in VBA

    Hi, I have foreign (non-English) characters in a cell which I was reading using Sheets("data").Cells(1,1).Formula However this returned nothing but questions marks instead of the text:e.g. ζχψωβνιθςεβφ[ςε turns into "????ί????eίf[?e" After research I discovered I needed to set the regional...

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