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    Trying to make a formula to calculate the Profit and Lose in Forex trades.

    Hello Dears, As in image above : i am trying to make a formula for column J and K: - As in column "J" i need the Pips In Lose to be calculated in case i type "L" in column "I" - As in column "K" i need the Pips in Profit to be calculated in case i type "P" in column "I" - In column "I" when i...
  2. S

    Downloading Forex Data

    Can anyone suggest a site for free downloads of historical Forex data into Excel? A year or two ago I got it from, but they now charge, and the code I found on the web to download their data doesn't work, even for the amount of data they provide for free. Thanks in advance
  3. S

    Lookup based on two reference and then FX conversion

    To whom it may concern, I am having a problem for a couple of weeks now wherein I am trying to find the Match of Table C to Table based on CF General and Dates, and then convert them to USD. I have been using a couple of combination of formulas (Vlookup, SUMIF, Substitute) in the formula bar...
  4. A

    Import exchange rates in 1 cell only

    Hello everyone, I was trying to figure out the way of how to import only one exchange rate instead of the table. One excel VBA function popped in into my mind but it stopped working since Yahoo changed structure of their link. Function FXRate(currency1 As String, currency2 As String, rateType...
  5. M

    Automatically Insert Daily Forex Data in Excel

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of building a huge forex database in excel for my own analysis purposes. I have collected the past 30 years forex data for top four currency pairs! I would also like to keep the database up-to-date with daily forex information such as, opening, closing, high, low...
  6. 7

    Automatically copy cells value and paste into next available empty cell

    Hi, Cell range in Sheet1 -- A1 : A15 updates value with forex rate every minute, linked with a DDE external data link. . Need to copy each cell value and paste into Sheet2 rows starting from A1:A15 next available empty cell every 5 minutes. . Example: Sheet1/A1 value should be copy/paste to...
  7. J

    Bloomberg Historical FX Rate

    Hi, I'm trying to pull historical data for a currency pair from bloomberg at a single point in time, but I keep receiving an "#N/A History" error or the values appear as 0. The formula I currently have is: =BLPIT("USDGBP Curncy","Last_Price","15/07/10 15:00") If anyone could help me on this...

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