form fields

  1. A

    Transfer Excel data to MS Word Text FormField VBA Code

    Hello, I recently wrote a VBA code that inputs excel data into a word document through the use of bookmarks. The code works great, but I would actually like to use a text FormField. My question is do I basically need to scrap my whole code or can I simply replace the "item" code with a reference...
  2. C

    Fill out website text box using VBA code

    Hi all, I am relatively new to VBA, and very new to HTML, and I am trying to connect the dots between the two. I have looked through many forums, and I can't quite seem to find what I need. I am trying to populate a web form with Excel VBA. I have been able to populate the rest of the form...
  3. T

    Access VBA, Runtime error 3141 reserved word

    Hi, I am trying to get a bit of code to work but am not successful doing so. I get a runtime error 3141 telling me my select statement contains a reserved word, misspelled word, punctuation missing or incorrect. Below is the code but I cannot find what is wrong with it. Any help would be really...
  4. J

    Form Field

    Hi guys I'm wanting to insert "v." into the textbox supporting "Version", I'd like to keep it editable but have it come up every time with the form field, any suggestions? :) Note this is for PPT not excel, but there's no VBA for PPT forum Private Sub txtVersion_Change() End Sub Private...
  5. S

    Referencing "used" form fields in Word

    Hello all… <o:p></o:p> Firstly, this isn’t strictly speaking an Excel question. It does involve Excel but if you read on you’ll see that the code/solution I’m after has to be in a Word document – the Excel side of things I can handle. Thought I’d post it here anyway though as this is the most...
  6. L

    Macro to Copy Cell Contents to new Cell Row

    I've seen several threads here for this function but haven't been able to successfully modify those codes to work in my situation. I have a form I created on Spreadsheet1 I named M635Frm used to enter data that will stored in a database format on SpreadSheet2 (Named M635Db). I viewd a couple...
  7. P

    Mandating Form-Field entry depending on Option Button selected

    Hi, I'm creating an excel-based request form and I'm trying to mandate certain form fields/cells depending on which option button my customers select. For example: Possible choices are: Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3 Each option corresponds to a particular section of the form. So, if...
  8. D

    One field to update based on two other fields data

    I want one field to update based on two other fields information User selects "status" and inserts "date" request was made, automated due date populates "due date" field in form. 14 and 1 are days...not months or years. Private Sub Date_AfterUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.[Priority] =...
  9. R

    Lookup ID and Return Column Data to Form if Found - Code Tweak Needed

    This code works, well kindof. If it is looking for ID 74578, it returns the FIRST INSTANCE of that number (Like 7457899) instead of the ACTUAL unique number I want. How do I alter this code so it looks for the EXACT number? Private Sub RecordR_Click() 'prompts user 'prompts user Dim...
  10. J

    combobox question

    Hello- I have a form where I am going to put a combobox. I want the user to be able to either choose one of the drop down menu items, or type in something not on the list. I was looking at the properties of the combobox and it seems like the combobox.text and combobox.value both contain the...
  11. S

    Form calculations stopped refreshing

    Hello, I was putting together a form that utilizes a template that several of us can use over a network drive. The form has several calculated fields and I noticed when I was testing, it quit updating the calculated fields unless I exit the form and go back in. Because having the automatic...
  12. Jon von der Heyden

    Make form field mandatory based on other field value

    Hi How do I configure a form field to be mandatory depending on the value of the previous field. If [Usage] = "Install" then make [Job_Number] mandatory? I'm sure I can code an event based on the change of [Usage] but I suspect there may be an alternative. Thank you.

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