form trigger

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    Automating mass forms and printing

    I’m wondering if there is a way to use excel and or Microsoft word to accomplish a specific task. I have an excel file. Within that file I have two sheets. The first sheet consists of a blank form. It has blank fields for the employee, the hire date, and the employee number. The second...
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    Selecting Data

    Hello, I have a Spreadsheet where: Column B = Project Number Column C = Project Title Column D = Workstage Column E = Workstage Description I have code that will sort what can appear in workstage(D) depending on whats selected in Column A. this is done using the active cell at the time...
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    Form Trigger

    Afternoon All, I have a form that loads up there are buttons for people to close it and take there selection etc however is it possible to encorporate a double click and or hit enter on keyboard in a listbox on a form? Many Thanks,

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