1. T

    Retrieving/Resetting Conditional Formatting on a Sheet

    I have a worksheet with multiple conditional formatting conditions set up on it. These are typically set on whole column ranges e.g. $A:$A or $A:$Z etc. There is a table on the sheet and a macro I use to enable users to insert 1 or more rows in the table in a controlled fashion (using the...
  2. M

    No error but unfunctioning format condition in vba

    I have this two functions in a module: And when I try to trace it, the execution is missed in the line: It doesn't matter if I put the line or not. But when I see the condicional format of any cell of the range the condition is correct but the format is not set. I really don't know what's...
  3. Yard

    2007 FormatConditions and FormatCondition objects

    Hi all, Frustrated with the ridiculous XL2007 propagation of conditional formats when users are copying & pasting cells, I thought I'd construct a CF auditing routing which would identify any CFs in a given range which apply to only one cell (it was a reasonable starting point given their...

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