formatting cells from vba

  1. P

    Conditional Formating based whether the cell is hardcoded, referencing another cell, or performing an operation

    Hey all, The three text strings below represent 3 different cells: <tbody> 123 =M19 =SUM(M18:M19) </tbody> I would like an easy way to format each of them; not based on their output but based on how that output is derived (i.e. hardcoded, linked to/referencing another cell...
  2. D

    Use VBA to change cell formatting based on existing formatting

    Hi I've been recording some basic formatting macros to speed up my work. I am wanting some to cycle to different formats depending on the existing format of selected cells. For example, I have the following code for including a top border on the selection: Private Sub Top_Border()' '...
  3. G

    Help with data comparison between two sheets

    Before I begin, I should tell you all that I am a complete noob to excel and VBA macro. I am trying to compare two excel sheet data by using EXACT formula. sometimes the data ranges to 50 columns and 10000+ rows, So I am using a VBA macro to define the range and applying the formula. perhaps...
  4. C

    Condtional formatting multiple date ranges using VBA

    Hello everyone Please be careful with me as I am new to conditional formatting using VBA I am looking to conditional format a range (basically a grid with a calendar year entered into it) from a list of dates as below but I also want to sub categorise the dates in different colours. Is this...
  5. A

    Formatting Macro Does Runs As Absolute

    I am very new to macros. I recorded this macro. I want to be able click on a cell and then have the highlighting go two to the right and then two down, change the border type and color. I think I changed the absolute to relative as that being the right thing to do, but it keeps going back to...
  6. X

    VBA - changing subscript state in cells that contain _some_ subscripts

    The task here is rather simple: Make all the numbers in all the cells in the selected range go to subscript, and all the others to lose the subscript. The code works brilliantly when the original text has no subscripts or if all the characters in the cells are in subscript. When some of the...
  7. R

    VBA Code for putting cell value in Status Bar

    Hi, I have been trying to put the value of a cell in Excel 2010 into the status bar so I do not have to flip back and forth between sheets after changing inputs in my model. Does anyone know how to alter the code below to make it automatically update and put it into the Accounting format...
  8. Phil Payne

    VBA to immediately change the colour of a cell depending on the code placed in another cell!

    Hello, Firstly please let me advise that standard conditional formatting will not work here as this requires ten conditions to be set. I have a worksheet that contains 40 'paired' columns. In the first column of each pair I can enter any one of ten condition codes. The corresponding cell in...
  9. zakasnak

    VBA Variable Row Formatting

    I have a macro that I use daily, however the data that pulls back is not consistently in the same rows, so the formatting needs to be fixed daily. Is there a way in VBA to use variable rows depending on what's filtered? Here's part of my formatting code: Sub HyperionTeamsC()...
  10. B

    VBA Formatting

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this, but I have high hopes that someone out there can help me format through VBA. I need to know how to write the code so that I can find key names in my worksheets and the rows/columns that contain these key names will be formatted. I need the rows Bolded, Bordered...
  11. P

    Formatting Font in a range based on reference range

    Hello all, I'm sure this is very simple but I'm stuck. I have a range of cells - L1:L1000 all of which need to have their font changed if the respective cell in T1:T1000 = "Caution". I've got conditional formatting for background shading, but thats no good for people using black and white...
  12. L

    VB Code ~ Formatting List cell

    Hi - using Excel 2007 - I have a drop-down list and running the following VB Code in the back. The VB Code help me to select multiple choices in each cell based on the list. Each selection is separated by comma which is ok but I would like to display each selection as one line in a same cell...
  13. L

    VBA formatting to last non-blank cell

    I'm trying to write a macro to format a header row, but don't know how to do so until the last non-blank cell (files may have different numbers of columns). Here's what I have, clearly I don't need to go up to column XFD. how do I stop at a non-blank cell? thanks...
  14. B

    In a given worksheet/workbook, only allow paste special - values?

    I have a worksheet that requires users to copy columns of data from an outside program and paste the data into the worksheet. The data comes in unformatted, and users have a habit of replacing all the nice looking formatting I'd done with the unformatted data. Is there a way to override a...
  15. C

    Automatic insert / delete rows and accompanying formulas + formats

    Hello all, I have a document that I frequently use for making calculations for quotations. I always use the same formulas in each line for this document with different operations in the columns. To have an overview, I have split these enumerations into phases and subphases. To avoid errors...

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