formatting cells

  1. A

    text filters vs date filters

    I have two Excel workbooks, one being a clone of the other, and each having multiple columns in which dates are populated by formulas. In my original workbook, I am able to filter each column using date filters (next month, this month, etc.), but in the second workbook, the only filter option is...
  2. Z

    Cell formatting behind a Pivot table

    I'm building a dashboards with Pivot tables and slicers. I have shaded the cells green, but when I click a slicer, the cells 'behind' my Pivot Table are white. Any advice on how to control this without VBA?
  3. E

    Cell autoformats when ":" is entered

    I have a Excel cell that has "1-1" in it. If I do a Find and Replace to change the "-" to ":" so I have "1:1" the formatting in the cell changes and will not display "1:1". I have tried a bunch of stuff but I'm not getting it. Is there somewhere that I can change this behavior?
  4. J

    Lock Cell formatting (Arial 10) and borders

    Hi Can anyone please assist I am compiling a new template that will be given to our service providers to complete and list their job activities, safety mitigation and so on and so forth. I am 99% done (with a lot of help from some of the guys on this forum) but have one last hurdle I cant...
  5. L

    Automating Text to be formated a certain way.

    Hello. I have a question...if i want to create a custom format where text is center aligned, middle aligned, and applying text wrap when info is created into the cell how do i do that? i'm trying to automate it to do this. Also, how can I automate when info gets inserted into a cell the...
  6. A

    Formatting Macro Does Runs As Absolute

    I am very new to macros. I recorded this macro. I want to be able click on a cell and then have the highlighting go two to the right and then two down, change the border type and color. I think I changed the absolute to relative as that being the right thing to do, but it keeps going back to...
  7. asokaw

    Number formatting issue in Excel

    Hi I need to format a number to show 2 decimals when it has decimal numbers, otherwise not I used #.00 as the format but the problem is when there are no decimals even the .( decimal point ) is shown. how can I not show that decimal point eg. 78 is shown as 78. ( I dont need the decimal...
  8. L

    How do I auto-populate cells based on what is in another cell?

    Hi,This has probably been answered somewhere else but I can't seem to find anything close enough to what I need (and my Excel knowledge is fairly basic)!I have a large spreadsheet that tracks various projects. When a project is complete i change the '% Complete' column to 100% but when I do that...
  9. M

    Number being converted into a date by Excel

    Hello, I have a product number 11-3560 that, when exported into a .csv file from a website, gets automatically converted into a date. When I change the format back to Number, it changes the value to 606609.00 (the numerical date equivalent of the incorrectly used date). Does anyone know how...
  10. C

    Referencing formatted cell in text

    I'm having an issue with a formatted cell. I am trying write som text in a cell and using a cell reference to put a value in the middle of a sentence. It looks like this Cells(122, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "This is text " & Range("B98") & " this is more text." when it returns the cell value I get the...
  11. S

    Formatting cells as a prompt

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010 I have a set of seven attributes that need to be selected to chose products from an independent table. I would like to format each step sequentially once the preceding step has been selected. So - when the cursor is is put in the cell that contains "E SONIQ"...
  12. M

    border problem

    i have 2 cells that i cannot change ( add right border ) to the cells. i have tried deleting all border and reapplying. same result. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input *******="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  13. K

    Putting values behind drop down menu text

    I have set up drop down menus and are working perfectly, not too complicated i know. but I want to put pricing values behind the drop down menu text. for example, I have a car production pricing spread sheet. I have the available colours in the drop down menu. how can i put different prices...

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