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    Dymanic Form Creation

    I am a novice with MS Access, and I am working on an important assignment. I am stuck on the next steps. I currently have a form, four update queries (all updating one table), and one table (called products and services; the data type of each field is a Yes/No). Using macros, I’ve successful...
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    Check Box Help

    I new to this site and fairly new to VBA. I have a form that has a checkbox on it, and when the checkbox is checked in the form I would like to have a checked checkbox appear in a certain cell, and if the checkbox is not checked have an unchecked checkbox appear. I have been searching the...
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    I am using the Forms check box in multiple cells. Is there an easy way to copy and paste a check box into a new cell without having to manually change the new cell link? Thanks, Jay
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    Need auto hide rows macro to also hide Forms Check Boxes

    Hi I have a macro that sits within different sheets in my workbook and hides rows based on the result in a cell. I thought this was great until I added in Forms Check Boxes yesterday and found that rather than hide, these boxes just move down the page. Is there any way to get the check boxes on...

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