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    Formula that leaves cell blank until formula calculated

    What can I add to the following formula that will leave the cell blank until the formula is calculated - so this doesn't show as the result: #DIV/0! Simple formula: =(B17+C17)/E17 Formula is in cell H17 which I want to remain blank until the formula can be calculated, then the result of the...
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    Help please

    Hey guys (and girls), this is my first post XD... first off sorry if it's in the wrong place and second thanks in advance if anyone can help. =IF($A2=Items!$A$2,Items!$B$2,0) This is the base of my formula, as you can see i'm trying to see if "sheet As" A2 matchs "Sheets Bs" A2 and returning...
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    Format Result from a Formula

    Hello, I would like to format a result with currency, no dollar sign, and zero decimals. Cell H2 is the cell in question. Formula: =CONCAT(H2," (",ROUND(I2,2)*100,"%)") Result: 222000 (40%) Preferred Result: 222,000 (40%) An advanced thank you for your time and support. It is truly...

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