formula needed

  1. M

    Split Rows to column or vlookup withTranspose columns

    1 workbook, 2 Tabs. tab 1 is raw data with multiple rows and columns. tab 2 is where I want to simplify the data, 1 Row per account with dataspreading out in columns instead of rows of partial duplicates. tab 1 A B 1. 1234 Follow up 2. 1233...
  2. K

    Help!!! I have no clue where to start.

    I am stumped! I am trying to figure out a formula and it is jut not working. I am working with SKU's and UPC's. Where I work I am dealing with product that has either a SKU or a UPC on it, and I am currently in the process of having to verify where product is in the warehouse. What I am needing...
  3. M

    Avarage of remaning balance needed by formula pls

    hello all, i need a formula to help me getting the remaning avarage of the below Buy 100 X 1500 = 150000 i need here avrg of the buying 100 buy 152 X 1505 = 228760 i need here the avrg of buying 252 sell 200 X 1510 = 302000 i need here the profit of the selling according to the...
  4. P

    Formula Help Needed -- Not exactly sure what I need

    Hello, Any help will be greatly appreciated :). Using my example below, I want a formula to look for the Territory ID in Table 2 and find it it Table 1 and when it is found sum up only Value1, Value2 and Value5 (Columns B, C, F) for that row. In the example -- the answer is 9. I can't figure...
  5. C

    Urgently need solution, too tricky for me

    Sorry the first post was messed up... I have used match function to compare cell A:A to cell E:E, if there's a match cell D displays either true or false. Where there is a match I want the name of that product from cell A to appear on another page. So A...
  6. C

    Need help with IF function

    In column A I have dates from 1/1/16 to 31/12/16 In cell d2 I have employee start date. In cell d4 I have leaving date I need column to show employment status for everyday using the start date cell and leaving date cell as point of reference. If start date is after 1/1/16 I want cells in...
  7. T

    Need a formula to keep characters before a dash (-)

    I have a large list of data with the format of xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx (see examples below). I need to pull the data in front (to the left) of the first dash (-) into its own column. The rest of the data (to the right of the first dash) can be deleted. FYI, the data in front of the first dash...
  8. T

    For every multiple of - formula needed

    So I'm trying to write a program to automatically fill in specifications of parts at work for quality inspection. our general tolerances for parts are +/-.25mm up to 125mm, then .1mm for every 25mm thereafter. If the measurements are within specifications, nothing needs to be displayed. If they...
  9. J

    Need to count the number of FirstNames in a column

    I have a spreadsheet that I would like to get a "headcount" for our membership. Example: A B C D 1 LastName FirstName email address 2 Doe...
  10. L

    Next Date in a series with known start date and frequency.

    Help desperately needed. I don't think this should be too tough but for the life of me can't figure it out. I need a formula for Column C which will auto populate based on today's date Today(). Since we know the start date and the frequency, I just need to formula which gives me the next date...
  11. J

    Trying to figure out the formula

    Okay, so after reading some of these questions I feel really excel stupid, but I won't get any smarter if I don't ask so... I'm trying to create a formula where excel will add numbers in one column only if the adjacent column's drop down list is on a certain value and then subtract that total...
  12. C

    DATEDIF function

    I need a datedif formula to look at the months and days between two dates and display only the months. However, i need the result (number of months) to be rounded up if the days are 15 or more and rounded down if 14 or less. right now i'm using this formula, but i'm not sure how or where to...
  13. R

    Tax IF formulas?

    Hey, I need help figuring out an IF formula that would allow me to calculate the tax owed. The tax rates are 20%, 25% and 30% and the full bracket total for 20% is 4,000$ and for 25%, 11,500$. In D14, I have as a taxable income, 20,000$ and In E14, I would need a IF formula that calculates...
  14. A

    Applying formula to Column based on rows.

    I am making a product information spreadsheet for a business I am starting. I haven't worked with excel for a couple years so I feel that I have forgotten everything! My formulas are simple. I will give you one as an example, it starts at H2 and continues down. Down the column it appears like...
  15. T

    VLookup and IF Formula Needed

    Hello, I am using office 2003 and have the following data on two tabs (there are about 4000 employees): Sheet 1 Column A - first name - ex: Joe Column B - last name - ex: Smith Column C - emp # - want to pull emp # from sheet #2 based on match with first and last name Sheet 2 Column A -...
  16. R

    Array formula to find/return a related value

    I am an extreme beginner when it comes to Excel programming, so I was wondering if someone could help me. I am getting a CSV file from a web site which has columns of text values. Let's say one has A-Z. I have a worksheet that has 2 columns where if a1 is the value A, A2 is Andrew, b1 = B, b2 =...

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