formula too long

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    Getting a 'formula too long' error when trying to save.

    "One or more formulas in this workbook are longer than the allowed limit of 8192 characters. To avoid this limitation save the workbook in the Excel binary Workbook format" So I have a workbook with about 40 tabs. I went in and on one tab inserted a copied row (from the same tab). There are...
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    Formula is too long

    Hi I have the formula below which aims to search the cell to to find the URL suffix and then attribute the right country for it. As there are around 250 country domains its proven to be a very long formula and excel will not allow this formula with the message "formula is too long". Is there an...
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    Formula too long! Summing 16 workbooks

    Hi Im trying to sum 16 different workbooks witha simple formula, but it exceeds the maximum character length. This is the formula I want to repeat for 16 work books: =SUM('H:\CERN\Timesheets\2009-2010\[Adrian Nolan 2009-2010.xls]Jul'!$H$46 As you can see, half the formula is the file...

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