1. T

    Updating a money total every 2 weeks

    I am working on a spreadsheet (2007) that requires a monetary cell to be updated with a money sum from a separate cell every fortnight. Can someone help please?
  2. D

    Accumulative date stored in a caption

    I have 14 boxes for a calander and above the each box is a label. I want to put the date of the first day in the fortnight above the caption of the first label. I then want it to auto fill to the other labels to add one day for each label so the date above each box represents the dates in the...
  3. G

    SUMIFS to match "from:to" drop down range

    Hi I need help to sum a row of data based on a drop down menu "fortnight from" AND a drop down menu "fortnight to". Range: B3:G3 = numbers to sum Range: B2:G2 = Fortnight #1 , Fortnight #2 etc Cell: B15 is drop down menu to "Select Fortnight from:" Cell: B16 is drop down menu to "Select...
  4. R

    Search Loop Lookup

    In a nutshell, I have an Excel workbook that updates Exchange Rates, the workbook is driven by dates (fortnightly basis). A historical worksheet shows the rates each fortnight – the date is the driver but the issue I am having is that when a rate has not changed I need the formula to search...
  5. J

    Cumulative total by fortnight

    Hi guys I must admit Im pretty amateur with Excel and am trying to do something that's way over my head. Basically, all I need to do is have a cumulative total in one cell that adds the same figure each fortnight. ie, adding 100 each fortnight would give me 500 after five fortnights. Im...
  6. K

    Message box on certain dates

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that lists equipment for a worksite. These items need checking every fortnight. I need a forumla/macro that will give me a Message Box when I open the spreadsheet on these specified dates. For example; Sheet "RG1" next equipment check is due 15 Apr 09 then 29 Apr 09...

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