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    Suming numbers until a positive number is reached

    Hello, I need a formula to reach the output below. I need to have the cells sum the numbers before it that are negative and have it stop once it reaches a positive number. Also, if the number is negative I need it to end up as 0. Thanks in advance for any contribution you make to helping me get...
  2. B

    MS Excel 2013 Macro Runtime Error 1004 on Formula FillDown

    I am failing to find how to make this new macro run smoothly in other worksheets. The code fails when I copy down the clean formula to the bottom of the column (underlined and in Italic below). I have gone through the forum and sorry, but I am not seeing a solution to work. Thanks for any clues...
  3. G

    Combine 3 forumlas

    Does anyone know if i can combine these 3 into 1? Having trouble figuring it out. =LOWER(CONCATENATE("/",C2,".html")) =SUBSTITUTE(c2," ","- ")
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    Need Help modifying a Formula

    Hello all , I have a rather complex forumula that was from a pre-existing sheet. I did not create the sheet. But it works very well. Basically this formula counts all the Letters in a row I d like to modify it so it sums any numbers, and remove the weekday restriction (We now have people on...
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    Whats wrong with my code?

    Hi, I'm compiling a master spreadsheet that pulls values from about 75 other sheets. I made a mistake and dont want to fix it cell by cell, so ive been trying to learn how to write a macro (trying and failing). Here's what is in the cells of the range concerned...
  6. M

    Vertical Lookup Formulas

    I'm trying to create a formula (I'm thinking I should be using a VLOOKUP formula) in my spreadsheet on cell K68 to display a different daily percentage that would exist in cell range F57:F80. For example, On 12/17, I want cell K68 to display 1% On 12/18, I want cell K68 to display 2% On 12/19...
  7. N

    Schedule Worksheet, Issue with displaying Hours worked as general number

    Hello, I am trying to accomplish the following in a single excel sheet. -Display a one week working schedule -Calculate Hours worked for shift and subtract 30min lunch for shifts over 5.5 hours -Calculate each individual Employees daily hours as a general decimal number (example 7.5)...
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    Rookie Needs Help

    To say that I am NOT an excel guru would be an understatement. I have to create a formula that will pull data from lines above and input it on the same row as the data that I want to review. The lines above the data are always the same but the quantity lines can be anywhere from 1 to 100 long...

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