1. D

    IF formula

    To be specific: I need cell B8 to show the value of cell D100 only if cell B3 is equal to a special value (17), OR show value of cell K100 if equal to a different specific value (29)
  2. O

    Complex Employee Productivity Table Formula

    Sorry if this sounds easier than it is, I've been trying to figure out a solution for almost 2 days now. I have this table which shows how many employees produce x amount of units each month. I have two rows at the bottom of the table. One of them (Additional Employees) lets me...
  3. B

    How to extract words that start with capital letters?

    I have a column of Text data that has more than 300 words per cell. I am using MS Office 2021. I like to extract the words that start with capitalization from the cells. What is the formula for that?. Or is there any VBA script?
  4. F

    Lookup a value and then find the largest in a range

    Hi, I have a set of data that looks like this: <tbody> Name 1 2 3 4 5 A 12 15 16 10 6 B 6 4 15 1 19 C 22 14 13 17 10 D 6 8 7 10 6 E 8 9 15 26 4 F 10 14 19 2 10 G 15 16 20 25 15 H 16 20 22 10 8 I 14 16 19 17 6 </tbody> In another sheet I have the list of names but not in...
  5. A

    Resource Planning

    Hi, I've got a resource plan spreadsheet and its functioning fine, but i was wondering if anyone can suggest how i can get it to exclude weekends and holidays. my forumula is: =SUMIFS(Table1[[Hours/Day]:[Hours/Day]],Table1[[Resource Name]:[Resource Name]],Report!$B17,Table1[[Start Date]:[Start...
  6. H

    Timesheet: calculating total, regular, ot and pto hours

    Hi, We use Excel for our timesheet. The formulas work well, except for the PTO (Paid Time Off). We can't get it to add to total hours without adding to regular. Here are the forumulas: Total Hours: =ROUND(IF((OR(B16="",C16="")),0,IF((C16<...
  7. C

    combining rows(300 words) into 30 words each in separate cell

    Dear all, I need to combine 300 words in a column (separate cells) in to 30 words in single cell each. I will have to do it many more times.... I use the forumula =concatenate(transpose(INDEX(A1:A1000,30*(row()-1)+1):INDEX(A1:A1000,30*(row()-1)+30))&" ") and drag it down. Problem is I have to...
  8. D

    Excel Formula Not Working...BUT when I click in the formula bar and then simply hit enter the formula then works

    I have a spreadsheet where some of the cells have formulas that appear to NOT be working.....but when I click in the forumula bar (anywhere) and hit ENTER...the forumula then works. Here is the forumula: =IFERROR(IF(AND(B7>0,L6=""),LOOKUP(14,1/(P7:AA7<>0),P7:AA7),""),"") It is designed to...
  9. C

    VLOOKUP - Multiple Rows

    Hi all. Long time reader, first-time poster... I'm fairly competent at VBA as I've been on a few courses and spent a couple of years doing self-training. Unfortunately though, I'm limited on my use of formulae. First of all, a bit of background to my area of work. I work for a US/UK retailer...
  10. W

    Date conversion into Quarters in excel

    Hi I want to add an OR/IF formula that allows me to return a value (in this case, quarter) once I specify the month. I can do the first part (below) but I cant complete the forumula so that if Feb/Mar/April return Q2, if May/Jun/July return Q3 etc. Can somebody help me write the full formula...
  11. W

    Count unique numbers in 1 column that have specific data in a second column?

    I need an excel forumula that counts unique ( no duplicates and no blanks ) in Column A and that have a "1" in Column B. I found the below forumula online, but its returning a "#VALUE" when it should be returning a number =SUM( -- (FREQUENCY(IF(Calls1!B:B = "1",Calls1!A:A),Calls1!A:A)>0)) If...
  12. S

    Most common words formula?

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a bit of a dumb post but I don't often use excel and no nothing about forumulas. I need to create something that will give me the top 10 most used words in my B column in the highlighted boxed below E.G: 1st - D3, 2nd - D4, 3rd - D5 ect. I understand I'll need to use a...
  13. P

    Calculating No. of Options Sold (more complicated than it sounds, trust)

    Hello, I've tried searching for a solution, but to no avail. Below is a sales report of some Nike sneakers. Product is the item down to size level. Master is the Option Count. For example, a t-shirt, 400280 comes in 3 sizes, S, M and L. Hence why product is 400280-001 (small), 002 (medium)...
  14. S

    VLOOK UP & Pivot Tables? HELP!

    Can anyone help with this formula? Its beyond me, but I have been told it can be achieved with Excel, I need a formula that I can input information to a specific job number, so when i change between jobs the information is store individually to the specific job number not sure if this a pivot...
  15. L

    Need Help efficiently creating Monthly totals from Sum formula in an Array using data in another worksheet in Excel 2007 & WinXP

    Using Excel 2007 and Windows XP Here is what I have. This is part of worksheet 1. (There are 10 grouping, all the way up to Child 10) A B C D E F G <tbody> 1 Child 1 Child 2 2 Dates Pd # of Days Amounts pd #of Days Amounts 3 <tbody>...
  16. F

    lose of referance

    Hello all, I have a problem that sometimes when I save as an excel file all the formulas are referring (link) to the original file. I am not sure, when this is happening, but it is very annoying not be to be able to use the formulas when I open the excel sheet. Can you please let me know what...
  17. A

    Recursive Offset ? (Formula Problem )

    <tbody> Hello All, I have a problem that i need to solve it needs an offset or something that i am not able to grasp i am afraid. I need to populate Column AO with the highest value from AN for that row and all the prior blank rows. In the example below AO is populated with the correct answer...
  18. D

    Using Formulas on Vertical/Horiz Axis in Data Table

    I am trying to build a data table and on the horizontal and vertical axis, when i use a formula to derive the numbers, it messes up the results. It only works when I use hard values on the axis. How can I do this?

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