frame control

  1. richh

    Defining Order of Controls in User Form for Loops

    I am using Excel 2016. I am attempting to loop through a set of controls within a frame in a specific order and writing their content to a worksheet. I've tried defining the tab indexes, which seems to do what I need it to, for the most part, but a few controls are not looping in the correct...
  2. C

    Setfocus from inside of Frame

    Quick question... I am trying to set focus to a CMD button outside of a frame from a text box inside the frame. I get an error msg "Run-time error..... "Unexpected call to method or property. I have tried the setfocus …. frmlvecalc.cmdAdd2.SetFocus and me.cmdadd2.setfocus. Is there...
  3. G

    Default to Current Date in Excel Form Textbox

    Hi All, I have a worksheet with a command button that opens an Excel form named frmMain. On that form I have a frame named fraMain that has a textbox named txtDate. (The first field on the form) I'm trying to get the current Date to populate the textbox automatically while also allowing the...
  4. B

    error using SET object to a frame on a userform

    Excel 2016 ProPlus (but the problem occurs in Excel 2013 as well) I have a userform with a number of Frames on it that that are layered on top of a "baseline" frame that has command buttons on it for selecting the Frames to be overlayed, exposing additional controls to the user. When I activate...
  5. J

    Mousedown event for frame control does not always fire

    Hoping someone can help with this - I am trying to develop a class for userform textbox validation using events. I would like to prevent the user from exiting the textbox if the textbox text is not valid (such as blank or non-numeric value, etc.) for whatever reason. This would normally be done...
  6. P

    Problem with hiding Userform Title bar andCaption bar

    Hi, anyone who can help.... In a small application (Excel 2010, 64 bit) I nave some Userform and on some I want to hide the caption bar with the Close, Minimize, etc. buttons. I am using this code: and in the Activate event: It works fine - hides what I need .... The problem is that if I...
  7. M

    Option buttons inside frames within a userform disappear partially when scrolling

    I designed a Userform, that appears automatically when user opens the Excel file. It shows Questions as text labels and 4 option buttons and Checkboxs within a frame for each question. it's an exam (MCQs) form. I am facing the following problem: when i scroll down through the userform, the...
  8. F

    VBA Code to add Option Buttons to ActiveX Frame

    Hi All, I want to write a VBA code that will place ActiveX Frame directly onto the worksheet and then add 3 Option Buttons from Toolbox into that frame. I could not find an answer searching through the web... Also when trying to record macro and see the code it did not record placing the...
  9. K

    Internet Explorer w/ iframes Automation Macro

    hi all, I’m trying to figure out how to have a macro bring up a website (an internal document website) locate the correct frame uncheck a box, fill in a field with a cell value (from A2) click submit, jump to the next frame within the same website and click a link. my main problem is it looks...
  10. A

    [Excel 2010 VBA] Get events of an object created on a Frame, OLEObjects.

    Hi All, I am trying get the click events of a label created on a frame, but unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong? Here is the code: Option Explicit Private WithEvents lblCmdCancel As MSForms.Label Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim frmMain As MSForms.Frame Set frmMain =...
  11. P

    Option (Radio) Button Event Programming

    I have a user form with two Frames, each containing 20 radio or option buttons. I want to run some code independently based on the selected button (value=true) in each frame. I can make it work fine by having separate event programming for each button, which calls out a sub-routine, but this...
  12. D

    How to setfocus textbox framecontrol

    I created two (2) textboxes inside a frame. The frame I created is on a worksheet (not using USERFORM). What I want to do is have the cursor on the first textbox when I first open the worksheet. My code looks like this: Frame1.Controls("textbox1").setfocus . But, when the code executes, I...

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