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    Pardon the Dumb Question: How do I "freeze" the top row--for viewing, not printing--in Excel 2008 (v 12.5)?

    I can't believe I have to post this to a forum to learn how to do this, I feel like such an idiot! But after hours of searching for the right answer, I feel like I have no choice. In advance, sorry for the dumb question and thank you! How do I simply "freeze" the entire top row (which is...
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    "Macro freezeheader cannot be found" msg

    Hello All, I'm seeing the error message "the macro freezeheader cannot be found" in Excel 2003 when trying to freeze or unfreeze panes. Everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago. I haven't installed any software other than perhaps a Windows update or two. Running XP SP3...

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