function into vba

  1. Panos

    Store formulas in vba in order to reduce file size

    Hi all, I have a file of 7 mb having 100 columns and unlimited rows (user defined- approx 500). At all these cells in that area, I refresh (copy/paste) the same formula for all cells, read as...
  2. B

    using excel funtion in vba

    i want to use the excel function "TEIL" in vba. TEIL is out of the german version from excel and can be translateted into PART. =TEIL("Hello World";3;7) in an excel-sheet delivers "llo Wor". anyone has an idea, how i can use that function in vba? thanks!
  3. C

    Entering a function into vba using UserForm

    i am using a userform to try and enter a function like (x^2-1) into a text box. I am trying to get my vba program to recognize this as a function so that i can evaluate the function at a specific value that is also entered in a text box in the UserForm. I am kind of new to VBA so any help would...

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