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    correctly formula in vba

    Hi, I have formula: ws_22.Range("N73:N" & row_to_del).Formula = "=SUM(I73:M73)" How to add "row_to_del" to function SUM? ws_22.Range("I100:M100").Formula = "=SUM(I73:I & row_to_del)" 'its wrong I tried also "=SUM(I73:I """& row_to_del""")" but also is wrong.
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    Function in VBA

    Can a function that references another sheet work? Say if I have 2 inputs that are referenced on sheet 1 and a range on sheet 2 and the function was to output the sum of the range bound by the 2 inputs; would that work?
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    Funcion / Formula / Macro

    Buenas, Super Colegas, de los que admiro por tanto conocimiento... Mi necesidad es con una funcion o formula en Excel... detallo: Hoja1 tengo un rango de celdas que son nombres de la columna de B2:B200 necesito buscar los mismos nombres que sean iguales de la Hoja2 con el mismo rango de...
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    VBA Plug data into the next available cell

    My code so far is....... Sub Ace1_Click() If IsEmpty(Range("B16")) Then Range("B16") = 11 Else Range("C16") = 11 End If End Sub All this does is if I press the relevant button "Ace1" it will display the value= 11 in cell B16, If i press this button again it will display the value=11 in cell...
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    Is It Possible to Call a Macro from a Function?

    I created a macro (Sub Macro6()) that I want to call like a function on my spreadsheet, is it possible to call a macro from a function? I didn't program the macro manually, I used menu options to record it. But I'd like to be able to use it like a function. The macro does exactly what I need it...

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