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    Create a sumproduct function in vba

    Hello, I need to make a sumproduct_if function in vba, but I really don´t know how to start. This is what I have: Function SUMAPRODUCTO_SI(rango_1 As Range, rango_2 As Range, rango_cond As Range, condicion As String) As Double Dim filauno As Integer, columnauno As Integer, filasuno As...
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    User Defined Functions and Arrays

    Two questions: 1) How can I pass two arrays into a user defined function? 2) How can I access single members of an array within a function? I'm trying to write a function that will automate my data-work up. I want to pass two arrays to this function, a set of x values, and a set of y...
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    Function .Interior.Color

    Application.ThisCell.Font.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'WORKS. Application.ThisCell.Interior.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'DOESNT WORK. Can the Interior of a cell be changed in a Function?
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    How to use a class function outside the class

    I'm trying to use a class for defining a set of data and also to get values from two different ways, a database and a spreadsheet. Let me explain with an example. I created a class called clsData with the following code: Public conn As ADODB.Connection Private p_isin As String Private p_tick...
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    run vba function from different xls file

    i would like to run a function from another file (in the same directory) and want to save the return value (it s a string) to a local string variable. unfortunately, this dim x as string x = Run "'filename.xls'!Modul1.update" does not work. what code do i need, to save the result of...

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