1. bs0d

    Excel Ribbon - Styles Gallery? Group

    I'd like to create something similar to the Excel Styles ribbon item, that looks like this: I thought it might be a gallery, but when I try that element, I get something that looks like this instead: How can I have this box to display the contents, with a button to expand? I may have only...
  2. S

    Table Styles

    I have created a table style in my Persoanl workbook but it does not appear in the gallery on other workbooks. Is there a way of creating a style that will always be available? I am using Excel 2010 on Win 7
  3. PetLahev

    Ribbon Gallery - GetItemLabel

    Hi, I've created my gallery where user can choose my color (I need more colors than the themes offers) and I use a label of each item like RGB value. My question: How can I get label of item in VBA callbacks? Look at Ribbon's code bellow (I had to put it as image) and here is my code in VBA...

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