1. B

    How to acces ADO disconnected recordset object from another workbook

    Is it possible to have a recordset object created in one workbook but access this recordset object from another workbook's vba code? I was thinking maybe getobject could be used to capture it from another workbook but I cannot find any resources on this.
  2. SantoOnofre

    VBA: GetObject / Copy and Past is bringing only 255 characters

    Hi, Everyone! I'm simply tring to get a cell content from an unsaved workbook (Book1) through GetObject function, plus Copy and Paste. But as the content of the cell is a very long string, I only get a piece of it (until characters 255). The code I'm using is: Dim oApp As Application Dim oWb...
  3. T

    Retrieve data from unsaved Excel workbook: GetObject("Book1")

    The office has a case management system that will export the filtered data to Excel. By default, it will create a workbook called 'Book1' and place all data filtered to 'Sheet1". Up until recently, I have used the code below on a Windows 7 machine using Excel 2010. We are starting the upgrade...
  4. keldsor

    Why "Invalid procedure call or argument (Error 5)" ??

    I execute this code (only part given here !): Dim FSted As String, FDato As String, DSted As String, DDato As String Dim xlApp As Excel.Application Set xlApp = GetObject(, "Excel.Application") AppActivate xlApp...
  5. R

    GetObject not getting Outlook.Application

    I have a stock function I use to test to see if Outlook is running before I attempt to draft an email. I've never had problems with it before, but today I ran the program and it doesn't acknowledge that Outlook is running. If I close/reopen the file, it seems to work and if I step through, it'll...
  6. Jaafar Tribak

    Problematic Call to *GetObject* hanging the application

    Hi all If you call GetObject on a workbook opened in another excel instance ( workbook opened on the same pc or on a remote one) you get a pointer to that workbook ... This works fine . However, if the second workbook happens to be in edit mode or has a modal dialogbox on display (such as the...
  7. M

    Difficulty putting 2 macros together using CreateObject & GetOject

    I have created 2 macro's in excel that open a word .docm document and need to do 2 things: 1. do a mail merge (sub creëer contract) 2. delete bookmarks (call word macro's based on excel values) Seperately they work as should, but I have difficulty putting them together. I tried calling one...
  8. Jaafar Tribak

    Check if excel is in Edit Mode or has a Dialog window on display

    Hi all, Let's assume we want to get a pointer to a workbook opened in a second insatnce of excel and edit a cell .. we would normally use something like this : Sub Test() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = GetObject("C:\MyBook.xls") wb.Worksheets(1).Range("a1").Value = 10 End Sub The...
  9. Jaafar Tribak

    Sinking events of a remote workbook

    Hi all, I am not experienced with network programming so I am asking here if the following prank would work (this is just an illustrative example) Ok- Let's say a remote workbook (located in a network shared Drive/Folder) is currently opened by some user on the network and I wanted to play a...
  10. R

    VBA - Find Shapes (chart) in an powerpoint slide

    Hello, I am trying to build a code that pulls data from an access database and fills charts in a powerpoint file with a template. This template has two charts initially built in 97-2003 format but i'm trying to update them to office 2013 charts. I am running a macro that finds all the shapes...
  11. M

    VBA LDAP Lookup in Userform

    Hi guys! I am a student and employee at my university and I am also fairly new to VBA. This is my first post on this forum and I would like to thank everyone in advance for the help. I currently work for my IT department and we are launching a new phone system. I am working on an script that...
  12. H

    Need help in GetObject/CreateObject excelapp from Attachmate

    Hi, I have a macro from attachmate that transfers data to an excel file. My problem is that i can't get these lines to work correctly (code that I use from Attachmate Extra!). Set obj = Getobject("H:\ultimate.xls") if obj is nothing then set obj = CreateObject("Excel.Application")...
  13. D

    GetObject Trouble

    I am interested in pulling values from Excel into Word to automate reports. I have in the past used the GetObject function successfully and really liked the functionality. Recently our company upgraded to Office 2007 and when this happened I have not been able to get the same macros to work...

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