1. M

    Can VBA code be less glitchy?

    Can my code be less glitchy when it’s coping data from one tab to another? When i select input from tab 2 it flickers between tab 1 & 2. How can it be smoother? Sub CopySource() Dim wsData As Worksheet Dim iRow As Long Set wsData = Sheets("Input") Set wsT = Sheets("Tracker") Set work =...
  2. N

    Is there a way to make a Slider in Excel without using the ActiveX control option

    I already attempted making one using activeX and had a glitch (issue is in another forum thread), im just wondering if there is another way to go about it.
  3. S

    Excel not calculating after Macro Run when Macro is called with a picture/button. But works when run in the vba

    Hi all, I've a macro which ends off with "Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic" When i run the sub from the code editor(F5), there is no issues with calculations. However, when i call the macro with a button on excel, it stops calculating (even though the calculation option is at...
  4. C

    Excel 2013 Workbooks Breaking

    I'd consider myself to have advanced visual basic knowledge and capabilities, however a project I've been working on for a month or so is in risk of being thrown away as my workbook is having issues every time I run a procedure that places formulas into cells. I run into a problem where if I...
  5. A

    Freeze Panes Glitch / Issue

    Using Excel Office 365, I'm trying to freeze the top 4 rows on one tab. I select cell A5, go to View Tab, Window Grouping, Freeze Panes Pull Down, Freeze Panes. The result is that the top 4 rows indeed freeze, however, they are duplicated on the scrolling window below, and if I click in a...
  6. Q

    Excel 2013 time calculation vLookup glitch

    I am working on a Tracking sheet in Excel 2013 that assigns points based on the number of hours a customer uses. Most of my customers have an appointment time of 9 am to 1 pm, which equals 4 hours. It is important that I track the exact start and stop time of each appointment. I have formatted...
  7. K

    VBA, glitch or coding error?!

    Hello All, The code below yields run-time error 1004 on the lines for AH15 and AH44, but works fine for AH19 and AH48. The only change to the formulas in AH15 and AH44 was "-R[-5]C[-20]-R[-5]C[-19]-R[-5]C[-11]" replaced "-R[-5]C[-21]-R[-5]C[-12]". The macro uses an input box for the week number...
  8. D

    VB writing on line two when not on active sheet.

    Hi Guys I have a glitch in my program. It works fine only when i run it from the developer and the selected sheet is active. However when I launch it on the wrong sheet, it writes to the correct sheet but does not write in the correct row. Instead it writes to the second row everytime, deleting...
  9. B

    Possible Glitch found in MS EXCEL

    Hello All, I've come across an interesting quandary concerning calculations driven by excel worksheet formulas versus calculations driven by vba code. Time for everyone to put their thinking caps on!! So I have a worksheet with a column in which I am entering percentage (the format of the...
  10. T

    Excel behaving strangely

    Just recently when i use excel whichever action i choose ie. highlight column, cell, start formula, flip between sheets, seems to lock the pointer to this function and i can't get out of it. thus i end up highlighting the whole sheet, rows etc. i simply become locked into whatever i have...
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