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    Method 'Range' of object _'Global' failed (while using Range to select cells)

    I have been using this piece of code within the same workbook, on other sheets and it works just fine. It simply selects a range of cells and uses the "Zoom to Selection" function aka "ActiveWindow.zoom = true" to fit the sheet properly on the screen. I use this because the workbook is opened on...
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    Changing Local Names to Global Names

    I am creating an application using Excel 2003. I have already created a workbook that contains a lot of cells with data validation linked to lists which are all stored on a sheet named List Maintenance. Each of the individual lists is named with a range name. The validation settings refer to...
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    User Selected Range Across Workbooks

    Still kinda new at this. I am trying to write a sub that will allow the user to select a range and a collection of files. That range will be pulled from each of the files selected and then pasted to a new workbook (same sheet). I will also be doing the same thing but instead to one sheet give...

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