1. S

    Adding new Geographical Boundries to Excel Map

    Hi, I would like to add an LGA map on top to create new geographical boundries and names. Eg. an Local Government Area can be a combination of more than one or multiple postcode. I have downloaded the shape files from government websites but I am unable to create custom region maps as per...
  2. zakasnak

    government sick leave calc/formula

    Hello! It's been awhile..... I am looking for formulas to figure out months & days from sick leave accumulated to count toward retirement. At retirement age, providing I'm not ever sick between now & then, I will have 1342 hours of accumulated sick leave. Anything over a year (2087 hours) is...
  3. B

    Template for Acronyms

    That sounds a bit silly, but people in government must deal with a plethora of acronyms. Often one acronym will have multiple meanings. Multiple projects have their own list of acronyms as do multiple branches within the government and/or any large business. A database could track each acronym...
  4. H

    Federal Per Diem Calculator - download?

    Is there a Federal Per Diem Calculator on an excel/access format which can be freely downloaded vice accessing on-line? never hurts to ask - would be a big help in the travel accounting here

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