1. K

    Help with Formula for Gradebook

    Hi, I am a Kindergarten teacher and I am trying to create a formula that would allow me to enter my test grades in. It would automatically give it a four point value. I.E. if my test was ten points, and I entered 10 in column c than a 4 would appear in column d. If I entered a 0-3 than...
  2. M

    Teacher - Gradebook - Assign a value to a String

    I am trying to do something that I have no idea how to approach with Excel. I want to assign a value to a text string. Actually, i want to assign a formula to a text string, which will be used in another formula. If a student hands in a homework late, then I want to type an "L" as his grade...
  3. C

    Pass/Fail question

    "Hi, and thanks in advance for any help! I am trying to automate some the functions of my student's English progress, based on individual test scores. There are 5 data and 1 results columns. 2 of the tests have a fail/pass component that even if the cumulative score would be enough to pass...
  4. C

    my round formula rounds up too far

    Hello, welcome and nice board you have here. i have used it a bit but this is the first time i needed to ask a question. my question: I have this formula: =(IF(SUM(G22:AG22),ROUND(SUM(G22:AG22)/$G$19,2),"")) which was made from a gradebook template that i am using for my girlfriend but the...

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