1. M

    Line chart - multiple lines with gradient

    Hi! I'm looking to create a chart with multiple lines, each one representing a different day's worth of data. As I add more lines, I want the newer data to be shown in a different color as the older one, forming a gradient among the lines that makes it clear which data is more recent. This could...
  2. N

    Conditional Formatting - Extend 2-color Gradient to Adjacent Columns

    I would appreciate help with extending a 2-color gradient that is based on a percentage column to the adjacent columns. Attached is an example. The actual spreadsheet has many more rows so it's not practical to do manually. Thank you.
  3. L

    Conditional formatting based on number of blank cells

    Hello, I have figured out how to format my range (row) of columns into a single colour based on whether or not there is any blank cell in the specified range using the COUNTBLANK() function. However, I was wondering if it is possible to apply a gradient to this so that cells which have more...
  4. D

    Gradient conditional formatting for due dates?

    Hello, I'm trying to conditionally format a column that's filled with due dates. I'd like it to to be conditionally formatted with a 3-color gradient starting at yellow, moving to orange, and finally to red. I'd like the fill to begin with yellow when the due date in the cell is about 10 days...
  5. H

    vba change gradient color in graph

    Dear Excell Expert, Im try to change my graph with gradient color using VBA. i do record VBA when changing color to gradient but i receive error notification as follows. object doesn't support my property or method i hereby send my VBA code . Sub gradient() ' ' gradient Macro ' '...
  6. H

    Help with Guage Colour gradient Fill

    Using a template I found on the internet I've created a thermometer guage linked to a formula in another sheet. The 'mercury' itself is a shape plotted with a fill based on the value of a cell. I've formatted the mercury level as a gradient fill using a red to green traffic light spectrum. The...
  7. B

    Copy Gradient Fill from one cell to another

    Trying to copy the background (plain and gradient fills) from one cell to another based on the Dropdown value selected in the first cell. The attached file has macros and conditional formatting. I'm able to make the following code work if I MANUALLY set the background fill and THEN type in a...
  8. N

    Gradient Conditional Formula across several cells

    This is kind of a piggy back to another forum "Adding Up Several Percentages". Basically I have a row of x's 98 cells out. With those 98 cells I want to try and get a gradient stretch across all cells at the same time. So if all 98 cells are not filled with an X i would like a percentage of it...
  9. P

    Conditional Formatting Gradient

    Hello, I have a table with data in columns C and D. In Column E, I have the difference between columns C and D, and then F is the percentage difference. I would like to have a two color gradient to color the high percentages, but only if the difference in column F is greater than 1. This is...
  10. A

    Adding Gradient to a Cell on Mac Excel 2011

    How do I add a two color gradient fill to a cell on a Mac Excel 2011? I can only figure out how to add it to a shape or a chart, but I need to add it to a single cell. Thank you!
  11. M

    Excel 2013 - Charts color scheme - gradient option

    Hi all, In 2013 charts, bar and line, the default option is a color scheme that doesn't demonstrate a change from lowest to highest (blue, grey, orange, etc.). I know that I can change colors manually for each data category, but it's extremely time-consuming when I have multiple categories. Is...
  12. P

    Chart Colour dependent on value

    Is there any way to get a bar chart's fill colour to vary depending on its value. We are looking to change the colour of the bar when it goes above 'a value' so the top sections will be red and lower sections remain all green. When a gradient is applied it applies it to the whole bar. We are...
  13. H

    Problem Setting BackColor.RGB dynamically for a shape gradient - value is out of range

    Hi peeps, I am using a row of autoshapes to show a key underneath a macro-cotrolled map made of other shapes, whose colour depends on various values. There is column of data for the key with ten rows; one for each shape in the key. This column of data holds RGB values for the shape colours, in...
  14. I

    contour (surface) chart and gradient series colors

    OK, complicated question. I'm trying to create a contour plot (one of the 2D surface charts) that shows a gradient of colors in the plot. As in, I want 100 different colors used in the plot area. BUT... I only want 10 basic colors shown in the legend as a reference. I got the 10 colors in the...
  15. K

    How Do I control the Gradient using VBA?

    Hello All, I have a Macro that inserts a WordArt object to simulate a Watermark. The problem that I'm having is that I cannot seem to control the Gradient Effect that's been applied to the text. I see how I can control the rotation and other properties of the WordArt Object, but I haven't...

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