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    Physics Teacher: Trying to print graph to exact scale.

    I am trying to generate a printout of a simple Sine curve where the scale is exact so that students may be able to use rulers to accurately measure attributes like Amplitude, Frequency, Period, Phase and Offset. My currently oversimplified table is Time, Sine 0 ,=2*Sin(Time) .2 .4 .6 ...
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    Grouping graphs so they have the same y axis settings

    Greetings everyone, I wanted to see if there was a way to group graphs together so that I can make a change to 1 graph and it will propagate to the others in the group. I have a spreadsheet that has 80 graphs...basically 20 graphs in 4 columns. I need the graphs in each row to have the same y...
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    Graph Auto Scale Not Working

    We just upgraded from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. I have graph where I can use a drop down to select different departments to view. Since the upgrade the "auto" scale on the Y axis is not working on some of the graphs. Some display properly and some do not. The scale is way too high. I also have...

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