1. R

    Dynamic range, conditional formatting, where second character in field is "e"

    As always, any and all help and suggestions are welcome. :) I'm very happy that this weekend is almost over, because my brain is full of Excel and it's made me start drinking wine already. So, in a quest that is somewhat similar to an earlier one, I need to turn all cells a medium light gray...
  2. J

    Print Black and White - Don't Hide Icon Set

    I have a spreadsheet and I have conditional formatting on all cells so that if a formula exists in a cell it shades it a gray. this is solely for my benefit when i'm in the workbook. I also have a column that contains conditional formatting to provide a visual cue using icon sets which is for...
  3. mikecox39

    Alt-F11 does nothing, security set to allow all.

    Alt-F11 toggles the text in the green title bar gray and a tiny shadow appears around the window. Alt-F8. Displays my macros but Edit option only closes the window and the text in the green title bar blinks gray. In the Trust Center/Macro settings I have Enable all.... set. I also have the...
  4. B

    Need VLOOKUP to Find Matching Entries

    So, from the attached - What formula would I use to find all the job numbers found in columns A, E, I that match and have values as detailed below? So, all jobs that are in the peach section with values in columns J,K,L that are also in the gray and blue sections and... all jobs in the peach...
  5. X

    Gray out last week and next week

    Hey everyone, I have 1 month worth of schedule for work in Excel and I want to make it easy for everyone to read it when the file opens up. So basically, I want to keep the current week's schedule and gray out with transparency the week before and the week after the current week. I want it to...
  6. TinaP

    chart formatting looks awful on new computer

    I just received a new computer at work and in switching from Excel 2010 to 2016 some of my workbooks haven't fared as well as others. In one workbook that I use daily, I have several stacked area charts. All of the areas are gray with white borders. Even after I change the fill color, it...
  7. N

    Blank Gray Excel

    Hello, I have a userform that performs a few functions and on completion im running the following to close it Unload Me ThisWorkbook.Close False Everything works fine. Issue im having is, after it closes the workbook, there remains an excel screen open with just a gray background, no...
  8. K0st4din

    Please help - coloring rows according to the number of names in column A2: to the end

    Hello friends, I searched the internet, but I only got to the "design" menu in an artwork that could stain my rows in one, such as gray, white, gray, white etc or in the options offered. I'm looking, I'm probably going to a macro - for a way that in column A2:J by the end of the table I...
  9. J

    Extracting data from a cell

    I have several thousand records where QBs combines a product SKU followed by the description in brackets. I need the SKU number only which varies in length. In the examples below I simply need the characters leading up to the open parenthesis less the space(s) between the SKU and description...
  10. K

    Conditional Formatting Dates

    I have a list of dates from 01Jan14 thru current. They are already in order, but I would like a way to fill the cells to visually break out the different months. For example, Jan,Mar,May.. blue and Feb,Apr,Jun.. gray. Is there an easier way to do it than make separate conditional formatting for...
  11. tycasey17

    Conditional Formatting

    I have a conditional formatting formula changing the color of every other line to a light gray using this formula: =MOD(ROW(),2)=0. The other lines are typical white. So, is it possible for every other line that is gray to have a specific word, in this case, "VACANT" with the formatting of...
  12. M

    Duplicates and compare values in other cells

    Hello to you all, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this one. I’ve got a table: A B Martin Gray | 12 Joe Barker | 23 Marin Gray | 12.5 What I need to do is find the duplicates in column A, in this case Martin Gray, and then compare their...
  13. S

    Table Banding - value dependant

    Morning All i had a table where i use row banding, quite simple odd rows white, even rows grey. the table got more complex when some rows had multiple lines that needed to be banded together what im wanting to do is alter the banding depending on a cell value, i found...
  14. rjbinney

    The Mystery of the Resized Macro Button

    I have a sheet with a button tied to a macro that runs various Save As routines. Today, I noticed the gray, bordered part of the button is a fraction of what it was. The text is the same size - and if I hover my mouse over the "phantom" areas where the button was last night, the cursor turns to...
  15. rjbinney

    Conditionally Format Based on Cell Fill

    I have a grid that has some blank cells, some cells have data. Blank cells are always filled BLACK. Data cells are NOFILL until I complete a (separate, non-Excel, manual) action. Then I fill it with gray. I have conditional formatting that wraps this week's row in YELLOW - just as a visual...
  16. P

    Conditional Formatting a row only for cells to right based on cells to left

    Hello, I am familiar with conditional formatting, but this has me perplexed. I have a portfolio table that includes Projects on the Y-axis and Quarters along the X-axis on top. Our project managers enter in the number of hours they invest into each project by quarter. Goal: Enter "complete"...
  17. Z

    Color change if i copy a book ?

    Hi On my sheet I have columns 1 to 3 in a light green color. When I hit the tab and right click it and go to move and copy. Then Creat a copy to new book. What happens is the first 3 rows in the new book color changes to gray. I can figure out why. I did go to general in when creating new...
  18. L

    Tab Colors

    I want to change the color of my tabs. I currently use 255 for red. Sheets(*).Tab.Color =255 I want to change to a gray. Where are the color codes? Thanks
  19. S

    Want background to display in gray but print white in Office2010

    So I've been working in Excel 97 on Windows XP, and in that system, I was able to set my "active window" display to light gray. Just to clarify, I was *not* changing the color of the cells - Excel still thought they were "no fill", and when printed on white paper, they were white. However (and...
  20. R

    Edit Links window is mostly gray

    I'm using Excel 2007. I have 2 files: and The first contains links to the second, but using a different name. When I open the first and go to SourceAttributes sheet, I see in D22 a real link and the cell shows the linked cell's value...

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