1. R

    GREP software for EXCEL integration

    i am using a GREP application to search for data in files that match a criteria and I want to get the results into EXCEL Can i drag and drop or can i pass a selection back from a file to EXCEL? Also does it matter if the file is already open (Highlight a file on an already open Windows Explorer...
  2. S

    Help with grep-like function

    Hello all, I resurrected an old function someone here helped me build a few years ago but doesn't seem to work in Office 2007. Basically I have a button in a Search tab with this code attached, then I simply enter text into a field (J1) and hit the button. It will then search a different tab...
  3. J

    RegExp: Del !Test(0-*9) with a WinXP .dll?

    I can afford the £200 regex expansion for a simple job, and then have hassle of distributing that. I need to turn: fooTest1234foo into -> Test1234 and things like foofoo123Test23foofoo into -> Test23 So that's a del,! and [0-9]. But the [0-9] number could be any length of digits. I...

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