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    Group Sheets By Year and Output to New Files

    Hello - I have a workbook containing data from several years. There are three tabs for each year. I would like to output the tabs for each year to their own workbook. I have already used another macro to sort the tabs into ascending order by year, but I cannot seem to figure out how to loop...
  2. Prevost

    Creating Same Chart on Multiple Work Sheets

    Hi There. I recently found out that I can make changes on multiple worksheets by selecting the worksheets and making a change on one sheet and it propagates to all the sheets. It is data for each minute of the day so all the worksheets are in the same format. Is there a way to select all the...
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    How To Group like sheets by name then print & loop

    Hi, Below is my code that will loop through a workbook and print each worksheet individually. I'm now trying to add code in order to find worksheets with the same account number in the sheet name and group them - then print, and move on the the next account... below is an example of 2...
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    Group VBA defined Sheets

    Hi. I cannot get my head round the following. I have defined a couple of sheets in VBA so that: Set wsOne = Worksheets("FirstSheet") Set wsTwo = Worksheets("SecondSheet") Set wsThree = Worksheets("ThirdSheet") Now using the recorder I can get that if you were to...

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