grouping algorithm

  1. J

    Grouping Data by summing values and criteria

    Hi There, I wonder if someone can help me? I have a series of data (~700 rows, 5 columns) that I am looking to allocate into 5 groups using a random function and based on a series of rules / criteria that I would like to apply. I wondering if there is a simple formula that I can apply to the...
  2. T

    Dividing rows into groups based on two parameters

    Dear all, I have the following problem: I need to divide the rows below into groups, based on two criteria. e.g. The sum of Balls <= 10.000 & the sum of Bucket <= 5 the order of the rows cannot change. Is there an (easy) way to let excel determine these groups? the result in the row...
  3. C

    Automate the grouping function within a Pivot table based on wildcard search

    I have a two sets of data from two different subsidiaries that serve the same market. The newer subsidiary "bought" customers from the old one, but the old subsidiary still services the market with those products that still remain outside of the capability of the new subsidiary. Easy, right...
  4. VygonDBA

    Data sort grouping by first 4 digits

    Hi all, wonder if someone may be able to assist? I'm trying to sort a selection of data into groups (2 cols, 1st is P-No, 2nd is Qty) based on the first four digits of the P-No and then tally the groups Qty (so I have the total Qty for any given product group) but short of sorting the data by...
  5. S

    Need brains to develop algorithm

    I am doing some study in which I want to group records on certain parameters say weight, volume, Date of Mfg. I want to pack the materials in boxes with above details with following constraints. 1. Total weight in the container should <= X 2. Total Volume in the Container should <=Y 3. Can...

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