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    Option Button Group name

    I'm setting up a task list with several hundred tasks (each in its own row as you would imagine) and each with its own task number then for each task a column of status buttons "Complete" "Incomplete" "NotStarted" "Waiting on customer" I want to use radio buttons to set the status. So because...
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    Make VBA code more efficient

    Hi all, I managed to write/copy and paste some VBA code a few years ago to create a multiple word documents based on template word document files and a long list of students, their teacher and their group name is excel. We have 1,200 records. It works and does what is needs to do but it takes...
  3. W

    Change the GroupName of a Form Control (not ActiveX) Option Button using VBA

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can change the GroupName of Form Control (not ActiveX) Option Buttons using VBA. I seem to have a problem in 2010 in that when I hide a number of grouped Option Buttons they lose their grouping when unhidden and join together with the other hidden/unhidden option...
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    VBA Code for group of checkboxes

    Hi, I'm a little out of my depth for what I'm trying to achieve, I haven't been able to find an answer to my query on the usually helpful internet or this forum, hope you can help. I've developed a Client Needs Analysis tool which populates a question bank using a series of checkboxes...
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    CheckBox and GroupName

    I am trying to validation some data entry. I have 15 lines, with 4 checkboxes on each. Before the user can continue, it must have at least one check per lines. I have given a GroupName for each Lines Example GroupName for the first 4 check boxes = OF1 then OF 2, OF 3, ..., OF15 Is there a...

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