1. N

    Using Countifs to Calculate Headcount

    Hi Team, In my attached screenshot I am wondering how I can use COUNTIFS to calculate the current Headcount of employees based on the following conditions. Countif; 1. The employee class is NOT "Adecco" nor Blank. 2. The Contract Startdate is less than TODAY(todays date) and not blank. 3. The...
  2. P

    Simplify process for combining reports then splitting them up again

    Hi guys, I'm a new member here but I've been using the forums for a while now and they've been a big help so far. I'm looking for some help with simplifying a training report I run on a regular basis. I first need to combine 3 reports with VLOOKUPs (or INDEX/MATCH) then I need to split them up...
  3. Z

    calculate AVG Headcount

    Hi, I have data of employees from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 and I need to calculate the Average headcount by Jan 2018 and Average headcount by Dec 2018. Is there any formula that you suggest? Thanks
  4. J

    Average YTD Headcount with PowerPivot/DAX

    Hi Everyone, I have a fact table that is filled with multiple departments, with multiple headcount types (full time, part time, contractors, etc), spanning several years, at the MONTH LEVEL. Some of the months during the year can have 0 values as well. I am trying to write a formula that...
  5. U

    headcount and spend by quarter, only spend by last 4 quarters and headcount by last 1 qtr

    Scenario is let's say we have customer in row, quarters in columns and spend / headcount in values. Is it possible to only show one quarter headcount while showing 4 quarter spend in the same pivot table? https://imgur.com/VM7ScsE for reference (it is not in pivot table format but gives you...
  6. W

    Create a Starting Number based on the Ending Number of Another Record

    Hi, I am looking to create a headcount query that has 5 fields: Week #, Start Headcount, New Hire, Attrition, End Headcount I would like Week #2 Starting Headcount to = Week #1 Ending Headcount I keep running into a circular reference issue and I completely get why. If I create a Week #1...
  7. R

    headcount by hour spanning midnight

    Hello, I am looking for a formula/method to calculate the headcount by hour of day. I have employees whose shift crosses midnight hours. e.g. employee Start End A 06:00 14:30 B 14:00 22:30 C 22:00 06:30 Now I would...
  8. K

    VLOOKUP (or Equivelent) based on TIME (HH:MM)

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with the following; I need a formula that will look at staff Headcount, and start and finish times, and based on that.... fill out a Headcount requirement by hours. (taking the highest headcount within that hour) So, the source of the data looks like this...
  9. mrmmickle1

    DAX Headcount Formula

    I'm new to DAX and just trying to get some basic calculations running. I've looked at a number of references online (DAX Patterns, PowerPivotPro, etc...) but am unsure what I'm doing incorrectly. My data has EOQ Datestamps in a single field: 'Headcount Files'[Q_End_Date] So for example if we...
  10. D

    Add additional label with icon in bar chart

    Need to create a bar chart for table having following 3 columns <tbody> Account Project# Headcount A1 2 10 A2 5 12 A3 3 8 </tbody> The bar chart need to have bars and data label for project#. Additionally on top of the Project# label it should have another label for Headcount with an...
  11. J

    Employee Headcount by Title over Time

    Hello, I'd like to create a visual that shows change in employee headcount by title over time (e.g. change in number of Directors vs Vice President, from 2007-2017). What is the best way to show this data? Could you also include instructions with your suggestion? Thank you!
  12. M

    Create monthly headcount report

    Hi friends, I need urgent help in creating a formula for a monthly headcount report. I am able to find a formula suitable for me in an old thread. However, for some reasons, it does not exactly fit my case and I would need help on modifying the formula. <tbody> 1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O...
  13. R

    IF formula not robust enough

    Hello, I am trying to calculate headcount needed based off of volume. There is a toggle used in the calculation that I can say I need per 100 units of volume, per 200, etc. but I only went up to the toggle value times 4. I need the formula to possibly support a much larger volume such as 40...

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