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    [Layout conondrum] How to make a single cell void when freezing the first row?

    Hi fellow Excel users, I have only recently begun dabbling in the way of freezing cells in excel. I have this conondrum which is accordingly... and here I wish I could share some pictures with you, but only being able to share picture HYPERLINKS limits my availability. The conondrum is that I...
  2. C

    Excel Table with Formulae in Header Cells?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question but I'm a bit of a Noob when it comes to Excel Pivot tables etc, so please bear with me! I am trying to create a pivot table based on the data from 3 sets of data. To do this, I am first of all trying to create tables around my data...
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    Link Header to a cell

    Hello, Is there a way to have a header be populated by the value in a cell? For example, I want the header to reflect the value of cell A1. I've been trying some things but haven't had any luck. Thanks.
  4. Z

    Conditional Formatting Based on Column by Which List Is Sorted

    I have a worksheet that contains information in 5 Columns (B:F), I would like to conditionally format the header row to highlight the cell by which the data is currently being filtered (e.g., if the data is filtered by the header row of ColumnB, I would like the header cell in ColumnB to be...

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