help me with vba forms

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    Problem with adding comments to a text box, and having the text box keep updating and NOT deleting the text that currently is in the text box.

    Hi all, I have a form that has three fields (1. Comments (TEXT), 2. Legacy_Comments (TEXT), 3, Comment date (DATE)) Now my users need to keep adding comments to the comment text box, and when they do it automatically adds the date they entered the comment in the Comment date box. Now my problem...
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    VBA for color

    This is my second week learning VBA, so I'm having a little bit of trouble. I have a spreadsheet that has a mix of hard coded numbers and formulas. I need to color the last hard coded row in the sheet with a dark pink, the 15 rows after that with a lighter pink, and the row after these 15 with...
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    Automatic deletion of specific worksheets in a workbook using a VBA macro

    Hi All, I am putting together an excel file which is to be used to create customised documents. It works by using a front sheet where a user can input data. This data then customises the rest of the worksheets (eg client name, how they go about certain tasks etc). As part of this process...
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    Userform - Picture inserted into image1 control based on what is populated into textbox 6

    I have looked thru 20-50 threads on how to insert a picture into an image control on my userform that I have created. I need the image to correspond to the data that gets populated into my textbox6. The data that’s populated into textbox6 is based on what the user selects in the previous...
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    Help with VBA Code

    I Have a macro that reads excel file names that are stored in a particular location. The macro is supposed to Open each file name specified on each row of predefined column Cycle through the number of worksheets in the opened file. Remove any shapes (pictures) Save the modified file in a...
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    Q: Importing several similar worksheets using VBA

    Hi all, I have a number of workbooks that are in the same map. These workbooks consist of one workmap only. All of these workmaps have the same layout. In it are production data for monitoring the quality of several production processess (one workbook per proces). The first two rows have the...
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    VBA MAcro for integrating one dokument in another

    Hello, I'm a beginner in the VBA jungle, I really need help! I have one workbook containing customer namnes, customer codes and more. The other workbook containes the same names but different information. What I whant to do is to take the information from the second workbook and integrate that...
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    help i need to add a combo box to a form

    I need some help. I need to add a combo box to a form. When I make a selection in the combo box and add the Info to my form it goes to the truck I select. But if I don’t enter Data in then text box it will delete my data off my sheet. And one more thing I need to enter it on a different sheet...
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    Issue with a VBA form on Excel...Pls help

    Hi gents, i am new to this forum, I am not savvy in Exce,I use the basic Recently my boss asked me to prepare a sales activity tracker I did it is working perfect when i use it. nowhewants all the team to use it someof them are not familiar with Excel,so I am trying to create a a formwhere...

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