1. P

    Excel 2010: hh:mm Excel adding seconds I've not input

    Hi Board I have a list of times entered manually. The cells are custom formatted as hh:mm. When I click on a cell, the result is shown in the formula bar as hh:mm:ss but the seconds are always zero. That's as expected since I only ever input the times as hours and minutes (never seconds)...
  2. R

    VBA: calculate difference in hh:mm between "now"-"target date", excluding weekends

    Hi, Please assist. I am looking to write a VBA code. I have a column named "target date" in mm/dd/yyyy 12 hour(AM/PM) format. for example 9/29/2015 5:20 pm. I want to calculate the difference in hh:mm between "now"-"target date", excluding weekends. i want the resulting difference in hh:mm...
  3. Grizlore

    Userform - Textbox for time entry [hhmm]

    Hi All, Can anyone offer a solution / advice please? I have a TextBox in a UserForm which the User is required to enter the time, hopefully in the format HHMM. How can I validate this time entry? As I then want to copy this entry into a workbook and need this to be in a Excel Time friendly...
  4. B

    Frequency Function with Times

    Hi, Struggling to get the Frequency Function to work with time. In Column B i have dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm this is exported from a Database. I want to know how many cases arrived between each hour of the day. I've used Text=(B2,"hh:mm") and also tried Text=(B2,"hh:mm:ss") to extract the time...
  5. B

    Extract Hour Only from HH:MM

    Hi, Trying to extract the HH from a cell containg HH:MM for example if B1 has 10:19 in, i would like C1 to show 10, or even 10:00 would suffice. i have tried =LEFT(B1,2) this returns 0. =LEFT(B1,2) returns 0.4 strangely enough I guess theres an issue because the cell is formatted as...
  6. Smokeyham

    Concatenate & show HH:mm - as a time format

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet which calculates the median time. I want to concatenate this with some text. The desired end result might read "Median time is 00:15" - meaning 0 hours and 15 minutes. I am using the following formula =Analysis!A2&" "&Analysis!B2&" minutes" Where...

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